Startupbootcamp Amsterdam onboards 10 new startups to its Sustainability Accelerator

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Startupbootcamp, one of the world’s leading startup accelerators, in July 2023 announced the teams that will participate in the third cycle of its Sustainability Accelerator.

Through the Sustainability Accelerator, Startupbootcamp and its co-investors support startups in building Prosperity-, Production-, and Powering- solutions.

The 10 teams were selected during Selection Week, an online event with dozens of companies presenting unique solutions. The week was packed, and the audience witnessed 21+ hours of pitches resulting from over 10.000 applications for the involved investment portfolios. The teams were then assessed by a tailored panel of investors, industry leaders, mentors and partners of Startupbootcamp. 

After concluding the week at the end of July, the 10 startups were chosen to join Startupbootcamp’s Sustainability Accelerator & Portfolio. Hereunder is an overview of the newly selected startups:

  • Weer – your global platform for seamless travel, connecting travellers with clothes to rent at destinations beyond the Netherlands through Europe.
  • IN2VIEW – empowering businesses with advanced SaaS insights to revolutionise user research in Estonia and Europe.
  • Ascentys ESG – Switzerland-based startup transforming sustainability management through automation at its best – simple, fast, accurate, and cost-effective. 
  • Glam You Up – ultimate AI-driven fashion personal stylist based in the UK, preventing back-and-forth shipments in online retail.
  • Deterdraft – leading the sustainable living revolution in the UK with biodegradable cleaning essentials and personal care products, driving circularity through customer-driven returns.
  • Farmlifes – empowering small farms and green spaces in Austria with intelligent software and AI guardians for protection and growth.
  • CoCircles – Sweden-based startup, building social capital for companies post-COVID, fostering employee connections in the new workplace era.
  • Crick Superfoods – redefining consumption in Ecuador with sustainable, high-protein snacks made from alternative protein powders. 
  • Ekonavi – a gateway to ecological regeneration – mapping, instigating, and verifying a sustainable future in Brazil.
  • ZEROW – fashion’s waste-free frontier – is where sustainability meets style, based in Italy.

The accelerator program will provide these 10 companies with extensive support in establishing a thriving business, encompassing all aspects, from developing a product to securing funding.

During the 3-months accelerator, the startups are also provided with direct access to mentors with decades of industry experience and a network of potential partners and investors relevant to their specific business case.

The accelerator equips startups with the tools to accomplish their objectives, grow, and realize their full potential.

The end of the accelerator is marked by FUTRXPO (Demo Day), which will take place on December 7, bringing together 2000+ impact changemakers, investors, mentors, partners and industry leaders.