SWG & B4i Startup Showcase at TechChill Milano 2022

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The official side-event of TechChill Milano at Cariplo Factory where 10 startups from Startup Wise Guys and 10 startups from B4i – Bocconi for innovation will pitch.


10 international startups from the most recent batches of Startup Wise Guys will blow your mind – quickfire presentations, networking with investors, and mingling with the greatest people in tech.

With 300+ investments in early-stage startups, Startup Wise Guys are one of the most active investors in Europe. To help techy startup founders become true entrepreneurs, they are running a world-class startup accelerator since 2012.

They focus on B2B SaaS, Fintech, Cybersecurity, XR, and Sustainability early-stage startups and have made follow-on investments in accelerated startups. The portfolio already has 13 exits, and the overall startup survival and success rate is above 80%.

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Sentric – the fastest way for small physical retailers to successfully bring their products online and open e-commerce.

iDEAL Rent powers businesses in the mobility, insurance, banking, and energy sectors to quickly and easily start selling car subscriptions. Thanks to its SaaS platform and turnkey business solution iDEAL Rent allows businesses to accelerate the adoption of sustainable mobility and generate new revenue streams.


Calton – a Customer Experience and Review Management platform that allows companies of any size to aggregate, respond to, analyze and manage online reviews and customer feedback from any channel to provide insight about the brand, stores, services, and products offered and competitors.

Volee – an Estonian platform for managing companies’ online communities into a single one, where you can unite all of your SM data and management activities – saving you time and effort in building your company’s community.


KEET – a next-gen fleet monitoring software that enables fleet managers to monitor drivers’ behaviour by detecting abnormalities, GPS position, fuel, and energy consumption. Fleet managers can use data to improve the usage of their fleets, save fuel expenditures, and reduce maintenance costs.

Cyberangels – an all-in-one web-based cybersecurity platform that provides automated assessment tools to measure cyber risk, an AI-based engine to deliver personalized remediation plans and guidelines, cybersecurity experts on-demand, and insurance products for our people’s peace of mind.

Cyberangels dashboard
Cyberangels dashboard

Code RTD fights digital piracy by collecting legal evidence of copyright infringement, offering a secure cloud media focus, and preventing illegal sharing on video-sharing companies and social networks.

Octopus Cybersecurity – a B2B startup that helps IT Security teams identify and get alerted on configuration changes in real-time within their Organization. They make security software that secures business devices like data centres and network routers.

Data Against Data is a privacy startup with a core team of five people with complementary skills, focused on making data privacy real. They started in 2020, graduated from two acceleration programs so far, released an MVP, and they are working on the first product launch in the next couple of weeks.

againstdata startup

Elai.io – a text-to-video platform that allows companies to generate video content with human narrators from the text.

Meet the new stars of B4i startups – founders creating new products and services in verticals such as Travel, Pet, Sport, Logistics, Gaming, TalentCreation and Entertainment.

B4i selects the most innovative ideas and the startups with the greatest potential to help them grow and succeed by investing the experience, knowledge, time, and resources of the wider Bocconi community.

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Cargoful platform leverages technology to improve working and economic conditions of logistics operators, disrupting the now paper- and phone-based world of logistics. It leverages the network effect to offer small trucking companies the same offers as those available to large ones.

Cargoful dashboard

Digitazon is the first Tech School in Italy that trains new generations of tech professionals.

Mapo Tapo designs and organizes off-the-beaten-track group trips for rock climbers, fueling sustainable growth in remote locations.

Mine Crime is software that, thanks to a proprietary algorithm, collects, geo-codes, and systematizes crime data (by accessing big data online) within the first south-EU thematic database accessible to corporates. Furthermore, it produces multi-composite risk indicators for supporting the deployment of corporates’ risk management procedures.

Minecrime - map of Milan
Minecrime – map of Milan

MyPad is a mobile platform that allows gamers to monetize their game time. Gamers join different esports competitions and events hosted on MyPad. In exchange, they receive Golden Points: a token they can redeem for free on the platform for various goods and services.

MyPad app
MyPad app

Fantacycling is the first fantasy game cycling app, and its mission is to bring together all the fans of one of the most popular sports in the world! A simple app easy to use. Users can create a team for the Championship or challenge their friends in a league (public or private).

Fantacycling app
Fantacycling app

ReLearn is a startup with two goals: to improve the quality of recycling and reduce the amount of waste produced. To do this, we developed a smart bin called Nando and an associated service called Reset. Both these products are based on artificial intelligence and data analysis.

FreedHome is the first instant renting platform that connects Owners to Property Managers. Thanks to its artificial intelligence, it allows you to rent your property at the best offer and in the shortest possible time.

Heloola is the largest digital book club in Italy. Born with an Instagram presence and recently expanded on TikTok, its objective is to celebrate reading as a form of pop entertainment. Every month the team selects a new, contemporary book and organizes dedicated discussion sessions with the community via social and digital meet-ups.

Heloola instagram

Empethy is a digital platform that connects people looking for a dog/cat to adopt with rescues, kennels, and volunteers taking care of abandoned animals. So Empethy is the solution to make pet adoption easier and faster by allowing future adopters to easily find the pet that best suits their needs in their area and directly apply for the adoption through the website.

Empethy match

TechChill Milano 2022 conference