Startup Pitch Decks

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Probably, you are here, because you want to see how startups prepared pitch decks to present it to investors. There may be more advice written about the “pitch deck” than anything else in startup area.

Did you ask yourself already if the team page should be first? Or do you just dive into the traction slide? Do you do a demo? Should you include metrics, financials, team members and so on?

The list has active filters such as Round, and Amount raised, Year, Name of the company.

One of the best ways to learn is to check the deck of a company you know and love, even every year there are some changes in presentations, you could learn from it. What was the story for WeWork when it was starting? How about Snapchat before Instagram copied many features?

Here you can find pitch decks of many startups, which are public and dispersed around the internet. We are going to update this list. Please, write us what you think and what you need we need to add to have it better for the community of innovators.

Thanks to David Peterson (Growth @ Airtable), who created the original list and since then we update it with more pitch decks, sent by our readers and which we find in the internet.

You can add your base to the list, just fill out the form here.