StartUp and Innovations Digest #10July2016

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#InvestorStartupRelationships How to Know You’ve Found a Great Investor

It’s not all about money.
“Taking money from investors is a lot like getting married. You take their cash and are bound by contract for what might as well be forever. If you accept this analogy, you can think of the question another way: “When is the best time to get married—before or after I’ve dated potential partners?” We all know what the answer is: after you’ve gone through the dating process.”

#BusinessAngels Dealing with angels? Watch your step

“With no proper financial data, investors have to think beyond the usual valuation metrics

Among all forms of equity investing, ascribing per share value can be most tricky in a start-up. At the same time, given the trickiness, it is also the easiest. This article will seek to explain this apparent conundrum.

Let’s start with basics..” read more in the article.

#Innovations Insurance is ready for an upgrade

“Technological disruption isn’t likely to be a singular event for insurers, but rather an ongoing challenge. As a result, efforts to mitigate the impact of disruptive trends, as well as capitalize on the growth opportunities they present, will be part of a continuous journey rather than a final destination.”

#SocialEnterprises More of the best New Radicals 2016

Innovative projects were chosen by The Observer and Nesta as making a real difference to society, from altruistic apps to therapeutic farms.

– Mom Incubators (Preventing premature infant deaths in refugee camps)
– Change Please (Coffee against homelessness)
– Techfugees (Tech solutions to help refugees)
– Jess Thom (Her Touretteshero website works for comedy – and greater understanding)
…more details in the article.

p.s. Be creative and follow your dream!