StartUp and Innovations Digest #09July2016

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#AI IntelligentX, London startup is using AI to brew beer

“It offers four basic beers, including a classic British golden ale, a British bitter kissed with grapefruit, a hoppy American pale ale, and a smokey marmite brew. Once you’ve tasted them, you can chat with the company’s Messenger bot to share your feedback”

#IndianStartup Silicon Valley accelerator YC picks 3 Indian startups for the first time 

Innov8, a co-working space, self-drive car rental app JustRide, and Meesho, an app for sellers on Facebook and WhatsApp, have been selected by YC.

One of the most influential early stage investors in technology, Altman, 31:
“Each of the founders from India in the current batch has personal experience with the problems they are solving, which gives them unique insights into the market they operate in. India is now only second to the US in terms of applications received from a country, higher than Canada or the UK.”

#Wearables Eyefluence shows us how we’ll be able to navigate screens with our eyes

The super secretive team of Eyefluence, a Silicon Valley-based startup that is working on technology for hands-free navigation, already raised $21 million in fundraising from Intel Capital, Motorola Solutions, and others.

The team has been working on prototypes, testing it out with augmented reality glasses equipped with cameras that can assess where you’re looking at any given time. Users can click on icons with a glance.

#Pitch #Advice The two best pieces of early-stage pitching advice

The success for any early-stage tech business is too sufficiently complex to predict.

The secret to selling is to tell a simple, coherent and vivid story designed to emotionally engage — and intrigue — the investor.

“You need to know that what works for one investor will not work for another. That is what subjectivity is all about. It’s entirely natural, and utterly unavoidable, to be rejected by some.” The more practical advice in the article…

#RealityInvestmentShow Restaurant Startup 

It is an American reality television investment show broadcast on CNBC, which premiered in 2014. In the show, two investors choose whether to put their money into a start-up eatery. You can watch 4th episode of 3 seasons and see how it works in the USA, what startuppers do, how they speak.

I hope it will entertain and give your practical advice in your startup.

#VC Venture Pulse Q1 2016

Here you will find a global analysis of venture funding in a first quarter of 2016 made by KPMG.

The first quarter of 2016 extended the global decline in VC activity with both total deal volume and deal value declining, further following a major dip in Q4’15.Future VC investments are poised to become even more targeted.

Given ongoing market uncertainties, investors are likely to focus on companies with strong balance sheets or business models that show a strong plan to achieve profitability. VC investors may also take a more involved approach to their funding, asking for more input and control over how their invested capital is deployed.

#Motivation #EntrepreneurHacks 7 Powerful Morning Routines of Mentally Tough People

How U.S. Olympians and Navy SEALs start their day off strong (and you can too).

Life as a busy entrepreneur is a bumpy rollercoaster ride, to say the very least.

So how do successful people get through those crazy days?

It all starts with waking up mentally tough. Skills can only take you so far without the grit, determination and mental willpower to tackle anything life throws at you. Read more in the article.

#whenToFoundStartup 10 Successful Businesses Started While Their Founders Were at University [Infographic]

The sooner you start working on your startup, the more likely it is to succeed! Just look at these entrepreneurs! Take advantage of their experience!

#Patents 5 things inventors and startups need to know about patents

Examples made on USA patent experience. “On the road from idea to inventing success, there are many pitfalls that stand in the way. One of the biggest pitfalls, unfortunately, is incomplete knowledge. There are a great number of things inventors should know, from the importance of doing a patent search to the need for confidentiality agreements, to how to understand when an invention is obvious.” Read more if you are on your way to having patent in the USA.