Startup Discovery at Frontiers Health 2022

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31 startups and scale-ups participated in the “Startup Discovery” session, where they pitched their solutions to the 800 in-person delegates and the hundreds remotely connected.

Frontiers Health is a spin-off event of Frontiers Conferences, which has designed and produced international conferences about technology and innovation since 2005.

Frontiers Health 2022

The event gathered +850 in-person delegates from life science companies, innovation hubs, investment funds, insurance companies, start-ups, and industry professionals, strengthening its well-recognized role as a unique platform to discuss how innovations in different fields are converging and radically transforming the health and care experience.

A great emphasis was given to new digital solutions implemented by promising start-ups that presented themselves to the industry’s most active investment funds and corporate players, making for ample opportunities to explore new collaborations.

Biospectal is on a mission to enable accessible and actionable blood pressure monitoring for the world’s population. Their goal is to support a large-scale reduction in the incidence of hypertension and related healthcare costs. To do this, they develop and commercialize next-generation, medical-grade optical biosensing solutions in smart devices, IoT, edge computing and other portable technologies.

Key people: Reinhard Stary.

Health Triage keeps healthy people in good health through personalized prevention programs capable of differentiating the method of controlling their health according to the personal data collected.

Key people: Davide Dettori.

Hi-D Imaging is an ETH Spinoff MedTech start-up company that aims to revolutionize the medical imaging sector by reducing pre-operational/surgical planning complexity and times, overcoming limitations of medical scans for patients with cardiovascular diseases and reducing unnecessary medical imaging examinations.

Their novel AI-based decision-making support software is a fusion of different state-of-the-art technologies which allows heart professionals to perform accurate, reliable, fast and personalized cardiac planning.

Key people: Ozge Karakas.

Migrevention is a fully digital headache clinic, and we offer digital solutions for patients, specialists and clinics to monitor, diagnose and treat migraine and other primary headaches. They enable to rethink of the patient-specialist relationship by creating innovative solutions in personalized medicine.

Key people: Katrina Laks.

Wingwomen is a digital health company targeted at women navigating their sexual and reproductive health journey.

Its Evidence-Based Methodology & Platform Combine Peer Support & Reproductive Health Coaching for Women With Chronic Reproductive Conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Endometriosis, and more.

Key people: Adonica Shaw (Founder & CEO), Linda Bradley (MD, Lead Medical Advisor)

Key results (metrics dated in Oct 2022): One of 10 companies selected globally for the Milestone Makers program by NASDAQ Entrepreneurial CenterSemi-finalist, Wharton Entrepreneurship Growth Accelerator Program Summer 2021 Adonica is a nominee for the Inspirational Women Forum and Leadership Awards by the L.A. Times B2B in acknowledgement of noteworthy success and accomplishments during the last 24 months Adonica was nominated for the Globant Women Who Build Awards in the Rising Star Category.

Looking for: fundraising.

Adiem – First, based on real-time heart data and context, Adiem measures Empathy (our availability to connect) and Resonance (the quality of group connection). Second, using sensorial companions (visual, sound, tactile), we train our minds and bodies to reach elevated levels of Resonance and Empathy. Both metrics are correlated with happier and longer life.

Key people: Victor Anastasiu (CEO), Moise Bogdan (COO)

Looking for: people to join as executives, advisers, investors, friends. delivers predictive biomarkers as a basis for decision support in precision medicine. They use novel, state-of-the-art machine-learning approaches to find complex patterns in biomedical data.

Key people: Marco Schmidt.

Hedia Diabetes Assistant (HDA) is a class IIb medical device aiming to help improve the management of insulin-requiring diabetes and thereby lead to desired health outcomes such as the stability of blood glucose levels.

Based on the habits of the person with diabetes and personalised input, HDA generates insulin recommendations to help the person with diabetes in their insulin treatment.

Key people: Valentin Lubbe.

Ingeno developed customized solutions on a genetic basis for skin, hair and nutrition.

Key people: Flavio Garoia.

mama health – patients increasingly demand an active role in managing their care. Mama health supports them by providing crowdsourced information on how others like them navigate their disease. They answer questions like: “Which treatments help other patients best?” or “Am I the only one with those symptoms?”

Key people: Mattia Marco Caruson (CEO), Adriatik Nikaj (CTO), Jonas Witt (Chief Mediacal Officer).

Key results (metrics dated in Oct 2022): started collaborating with 6 patient organizations.

Looking for: fundraising.

Virtuleap combines neuroscience and virtual reality to help increase attention levels and address cognitive illnesses, disorders, and learning challenges.

They created a library of VR games designed by neuroscientists to test and train a range of cognitive abilities and make that data accessible through our enterprise platform.

They’re working with leading institutions, like the VA Health Care System and the Pacific Brain Health Center, to validate our solution as an effective diagnostic and treatment for attention deficit and cognitive decline.

Key people: Hossein Jalali.

Caterna Vision is a pioneer and the hidden champion in the ophthalmological prescription digital therapeutics (PDTx) space. They are the only company offering a digital therapy platform of PDTx, which is protected by several patents and whose efficacy has been proven in several clinical trials published.

Caterna at Frontiers Health 2022
Caterna at Frontiers Health 2022

8 years of experience designing ophthalmological PDTx and deep roots in scientific research will allow us to develop and evaluate future product innovations much more rapidly and cost-effectively than our competitors – giving us a sustainable and competitive advantage.

Key people: Jana Frömke (Managing Director), Dr. Ron Lehnert (Co-Founder), Uwe Kämpf (Co-Founder).

Key results (metrics dated in Oct 2022): 3.000+ patients treated and reimbursed by health insurance, 200+ ophthalmological practices prescribing, €300k revenue in 2022.

Looking for: Funding of €4,5m in pre-series A until the end of Q1/2023.

Cureety develops a certified software medical device to remotely monitor patients suffering from cancer.

Key people: François-Guirec Champoiseau (Chief Executive Officer), Nicolas Bégin (Chief Operating Officer), Charles Parnot (Chief Scientific Officer), Maya Gutierrez (Chief Medical Officer), Pascal Ognibene (Chief Technology Officer).

Key results (metrics dated in Oct 2022): 40 partnering hospitals, 2k patients, 3 countries.

Looking for: Contacts with pharma industrials, hospitals, fundraising.

Lindus Health works on accelerating clinical trials for biotech and health tech companies so that patients can benefit fand rom new treatments sooner. They are a next-generation CRO focused on faster, more reliable clinical trials. They do this by marrying a world-class clinical team with an end-to-end technology platform, including EDC, database, site and feasibility products.

Lindus Health paltform

They also have unique access to over 5m electronic health records. They can efficiently recruit participants and execute a trial, from capturing trial endpoints to managing screening and patient visits. Lindus Health products have been used to recruit, onboard and handle data from thousands of patients and Lindus Health has helped run over 70 studies up to 3x faster than traditional CROs.

Key people: Meri Beckwith (Co-founder), Michael Young (Co-founder), Nik Haldimann (Co-founder).

Lindus Health at Frontiers Health 2022
Lindus Health at Frontiers Health 2022

Key results (metrics dated in Oct 2022): 74 Clinical Trials delivered on our platform. 10,000 patients were recruited into clinical trials on our platform.

Looking for: hiring – our clinical operations and product teams are growing and looking for people passionate about fixing huge problems in healthcare.

Nen Evidence Based Solutions helps kids with cancer and their families and HCPs with pain management. Nen offers a novel mission-driven evidence-based approach to address pain management through play, leveraging gamification approaches and CBT to modulate pain and improve their overall well-being and outcomes.

Key people: Francesca Wuttke, Xenia Riasol.

Key results (metrics dated in Oct 2022): Clinical Advisory Board, Business Advisory Board, MVP, new hires.

Looking for: fundraising.

Vigo Health is a digital therapeutics company that helps stroke survivors to recover faster and more effectively using digitally accessible therapies.

Key people: Kristaps Krafte.

Wise Therapeutics combines the accessibility of mobile games with breakthrough neuroscientific research to deliver earlier and more effective mental health treatment.

Their products are supported by rigorous clinical research, with 7 NIH-backed clinical trials showing the effectiveness of their approach to therapeutic gaming.

They deliver treatments that are integrated into a variety of healthcare settings so that their products are integrated and easy for patients to use with their healthcare providers.

Key people: Raj Amin.

Knokcare is a high-impact digital health solution that empowers everyone to get quality healthcare and the right levels of continuity of care everywhere.

By augmenting telemedicine beyond basic video consultations, knok collects data which applies intelligence, delivering insights and allowing healthcare payors and providers to increase patient satisfaction whilst achieving better health outcomes.

Key people: José Bastos.

DasLab’s vendor-neutral platform bridges the gap between medical diagnostic tests and the latest approaches to healthcare at-distance, enabling seamless integration of physical and virtual processes to achieve improved health outcomes.

Key people: Daniel Fallscheer.

Implandata Ophthalmic Products are transforming the management of glaucoma patients by introducing remote disease monitoring and virtual care. Their breakthrough EYEMATE system enables eye doctors to provide precision medicine therapies to patients based on disease and therapy effectiveness data gathered outside of the office and under normal living conditions.

Key people: Max G. Ostermeier (CEO), Stefan Meyer (CTO), Dr. Kaweh Mansouri (CMO), Prof. Dr. Robert N. Weinreb (Chairman of Medical Advisory Board).

Key results (metrics dated in Oct 2022): The product is CE marked (MDR) and has obtained FDA Breakthrough Device Designation; it is covered by 15 international patents and is currently launched in the European marketplace.

Looking for: fundraising.

Lindera develops AI solutions for the health sector. They specialize in AI-based motion analysis through a simple, smart phone camera. For the first time in history, this is possible via an app without any additional sensors or hardware.

Key people: Swantje Müller.

Orbit Health is committed to enabling early intervention and personalized care for chronic diseases. The Company’s first solution, Neptune, is a device-agnostic AI solution that helps Parkinson’s Disease patients avoid treatment-induced side effects that destroy their quality of life. For the first time, doctors can effectively personalize treatment regimes to maximize symptom control and restore their patients’ functions.

Key people: Patty Lee.

XO Life helps the pharmaceutical industry to better understand its patients. Its goal is to make digital treatment monitoring and patient feedback the gold standard in R&D, marketing and sales while ensuring the highest data protection and security standards.

Key people: Friderike Bruchmann.

Friderike Bruchmann, XO Life at Frontiers Health 2022
Friderike Bruchmann, XO Life at Frontiers Health 2022

Alio is noninvasive remote monitoring for dialysis patient complications, providing actionable data at the right time.

Alio remote monitoring utilizes a wearable device, the SmartPatch, placed over the patient’s vascular access graft to gather data and transmit it to a Hub located in the patient’s home. The Hub relays this raw data to the Alio Cloud, where it is processed and analyzed utilizing Alio’s proprietary algorithms, developed using data collected pre- and post-dialysis in clinical centres in the US and UK.

Key people: Dave Kuraguntla.

Cara Care is a digital therapeutics company that empowers patients suffering from chronic digestive diseases to live better life. They take digestive health beyond the pill, bringing behavioural, microbial and nutritional data together. They’ve already helped 1,100.000+ patients around the world with their medical devices.

Key people: James P. Mapes, Dr. Andre Sommer, Jesaja Brinkman

Key results (metrics dated in Oct 2022): 3 Medical Devices have been downloaded more than 1m times. The company will reach greater than €5m in revenue in Germany in 2023 with scaling plans far beyond.

Looking for: key mission-driven finance and business development executive talent to add to their growing team to help lead us into our 2023-24′ B Round raise readiness. Welcome strategic and venture capital partners to help catalyze the journey.

easee’s online vision health platform boasts breakthrough online eye exam technology and allows patients to manage their vision care anytime, anywhere.

Key people: Robert Wisse (Chief Medical Officer), Jouke Waleson (Chief Technology Officer), Zach Bluemer (Americas Commercial Lead), Yves Prevoo (Founder & CEO).

Yves Prevoo, Easee at Frontiers Health 2022
Yves Prevoo, Easee at Frontiers Health 2022

Key results (metrics dated in Oct 2022): 185.000 registered users, 10 Clinical Studies, 13 Patents Available in 12 countries. Revenue doubling year over year.

Looking for: a lead investor with significant experience and clout to scale our digital health proposition globally. We expect the lead to syndicate with 1 or 2 other investors for a 6 M series A.

HelloBetter develops and offers psychological digital therapeutics translating scientifically validated cognitive behavioural therapy approaches into an online course experience. With more than 30 randomised-controlled clinical studies, we are the leading scientific player in digital mental health.

Key people: Hannes Klöpper.

Hannes Klöpper, HelloBetter at Frontiers Health 2022
Hannes Klöpper, HelloBetter at Frontiers Health 2022 takes care of the reimbursement for your private health insurance! Submitting invoices has never been easier.

Key people: Fredrik Debong.

InSilicoTrials unique cloud platform offers Pharma and MedTech companies state-of-the-art computational models and AI to dramatically accelerate the development of new drugs and medical devices, reduce, refine and replace tests on animals and clinical trials, and improve the safety of medical products and significantly cut R&D costs.

Key people: Luca Emili (Founder & CEO), Roberta Bursi (Founder and Executive Vice President Research and Development), Mario Torchia (Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing), Matteo Gazzin (IT Lead).

Key results (metrics dated in Oct 2022) – Investment Journey

  • 2017 | Angel Investors | €300k
    International angel investors jumped on board, foreseeing a high potential in the market and the business model
  • 2018 | Crowdfunding | €330k | CROWDFUNDME
    Crowdfunding operation exceeded expectations and outperformed the target by more than 200%.
  • 2020 | Round A | €3.5M | United Ventures
    On July 2020 Series A round led by United Ventures and with the participation of international investors
  • 2020 | No Dilutive Funding | €2M | European Commission
    Grant received from the European Commission for 3 H2020 projects with +70 universities and research centres involved
  • Revenues 2018 €83.629,00
  • Revenues 2019 €139.844,85
  • Revenues 2020 €38.163,00
  • Revenues 2021 €79.727,00

Looking for: actively working for its next series B round of investment targeting $25M by the end of the first quarter of 2023.
Thanks to this investment, InSilicoTrials will increase our international presence, especially in the US, Switzerland, and Japan, to reach product critical mass in oncology, neurogenerative disease, and patient-specific treatment and to expand InSilicoTrials’ team and the collaborations with their partners.

1000Farmacie brings thousands of pharmacies online with minimal effort. Through its technology, they integrate with pharma retailers and allow them to sell online.

Key people: Nicolo Petrone.

Nicolo Petrone. 1000Farmacie at Frontiers Health 2022
Nicolo Petrone. 1000Farmacie at Frontiers Health 2022