Startup Crash Test Milan #7

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27 February 2017 – Startup Crash Test Milan, the seventh event in Milan for the community of early-stage startups. The event was hosted by Venini42, the headquarters of several innovative tech companies. It is home to Mikamai and LinkMe.

The program of the day: speaker presentation about pre-acceleration program “StartupTraining” in Milan, two startup pitches of HeartWatch and Connexa.

Speaker talk and Q&A: 

Alessandro Cordova – Researcher & Entrepreneur. Alessandro’s mission is to continuously apply his academic discoveries to the daily management of his startups and vice versa. After completing the Economics bachelor program at Bocconi University, he obtained a Master at the London School of Economics.

It was then he decided to continue his studies by pursuing a Ph.D. in Business Administration. After a few months since inception, he started working at his first startup and founded

The Startup Training is a pre-acceleration program placed within Università Bocconi which aims at helping entrepreneurs launch their project on the market, while simultaneously researching which managerial practices are more effective in increasing startup performance.

Data collected on-the-field from more than 100 projects have revealed the need for startups to experiment more: the key difference that exists between an ongoing business and a startup is that the latter must focus on validating its business model before irreversible investments are made.

This is what Alessandro talked about in his speech at Startup Crash Test; he shared his experience as entrepreneur and researcher with the objective of conveying an important message to young startuppers who were just beginning their entrepreneurial journey.

Question from Alessandro Cordova to an audience

First pitch – startup HeartWatch and Q&A:

 HeartWatch – “Bringing preventive heartcare in the hands of everyone”. Guido Magrin, CEO

Second pitch – startup Connexa and Q&A:

Connexa – “Connexa is the new generation of Online Communities that enable community builders to enhance, monetize and scale their community for free.”

Connexa was officially named to the 2017 Class of Startup Exhibitors by Startup Grind, handpicked from the pool of 6,000+ startups in 80 countries worldwide. As part of the elite group of 50 selected startup companies, Connexa was featured at the 2017 Startup Grind GlobalConference, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, a few days ago in Silicon Valley, CA.

Open Microphone pitch – Michele Pierangeli, UX Book Club Milano

Open Microphone” part, where the community meets interesting people and groups, which could give added value to the startup community.

Michele Pierangeli presentув the UX Book Club MilanoThe UX Book Club is a community of people passionate about User Experience. The Milano chapter was born in 2012. They meet once a month to share stories, stay updated and learn with practical activities. Usually, there is a reference book involved to get prepared for the event!

Open Microphone Pitch – Jacopo Sabba Capetta, Lean Startup Circle Milan

From the very challenging experience of Lean Startup Machine Milan 2016, a small group of enthusiasts of Lean Startup methodology and entrepreneurship started meeting. That group studied together Lean Startup related themes. In 2017 they founded (again) the Lean Startup Circle Milan: a research centre, a meetup and a growth chance for its members. The Lean Startup Circle Milan is the natural breeding station of the entrepreneurial and startup communities in Milan.

Networking Part

More information about Startup Ecosystem in Milan? Just wondering where to meet digital entrepreneurs and innovators? Write us on Facebook page @SCTMilan. If you are interested to pitch your startup, please, register here ( or send it to

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