Startup Crash Test Milan #6

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25 January 2017 – Startup Crash Test Milan, the sixth event in Milan for the community of early-stage startups. Incubator ImpactHub Milan hosted an event to give a possibility to reunite for the event and to participate in giving back by saying feedback to startup pitches of startups as Arternative, Easy2Check, Hand.

Startup Crash Test Milan #6 took place in co-working space of the incubator ImpactHub Milan, the headquarters of several innovative tech companies. Impact Hub Milano is part of Impact Hub, an international network of beautiful physical spaces where entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals can access resources, be inspired by the work of others, have innovative ideas, develop useful relationships and identify market opportunities.

Startup Crash Test Milan #6 audience
Startup Crash Test Milan #6 audience

Speaker talk and Q&A: 

Federico Ruberti, co-founder & strategic director, The Kids Road. spoke about “Branding for startups: how to build leadership”:

• Brand Design: what it means to design a brand identity.
• From the garage to Nasdaq; stories of great successes and big failures.
• Communication benchmarks and semiotic analysis.
• From concept design to brand design.

First pitch – startup Easy2Check Quest and Q&A:

Easy2Check -“New way to make an assessment”

Second pitch – startup Arternative and Q&A:

Arternative – “The app that turns visiting art museums into entertaining experiences”

Third pitch – startup Hand and Q&A:

Hand – “Exchanging data everywhere and safely”

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