Startup Crash Test Milan #4

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30 November 2016 – Startup Crash Test Milan, the fourth event in Milan for the community of early-stage startups and everyone who is interested in discovering new things, products, solutions, being in a trend of the startup ecosystem.

Co-working StartMiUp at Copernico hosted Startup Crash Test Milan #4 and at 19.00 doors opened for a community to listen to pitches of early-stage startups and two special speakers, ask questions and meet new people from the ecosystem.

Audience at Startup Crash Test Milan #4
The audience at Startup Crash Test Milan #4

First Expert talk and Q&A: 

Paolo Lombardi (Managing Partner of Tree and Mentor in TIM WCAPAccelerator) shared his tips “How to find investors and pitch”. What is the main point of a pitch? How to find an investor and how to be understood by?

Q&A session

First pitch – startup Vino A Porter and Q&A:

Vino A Porter– Your Digital Sommelier. “Simply your taste and find your ideal wine #character. It’s easy! Explore and discover more.”

Second pitch – startup Libbrit and Q&A:

Libbrit – online platform which matches sellers and buyers of used university books.

Third pitch – startup BreviMano and Q&A:

BreviMano – the job hunting platform that matches artisans with the best candidates. Designed for the youth, Brevimano simplifies the alternation between school and work.

Please, fill curious to go to the web or facebook pages of startups. At this startup stage, it is important to them to have direct contact with users, investors, partners.

To know more about Startup Crash Test and Startup Ecosystem in Milan, you can write on Facebook page @SCTMilan.

If you are interested to pitch your startup, please, register here ( or send it to

“Mistakes are the portals of discovery” James Joyce