Startup Crash Test Milan #3

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26 October 2016 – Startup Crash Test Milan, the third event in Milan for the community of early-stage startups and everyone who is interested in discovering new things, products, solutions, being in a trend of the startup ecosystem.

Startup Crash Test Milan #3 took place in co-working Talent Garden Milano – Merano, the third time community gathered to listen to pitches of early-stage startups and two special speakers, ask questions and meet new people from the ecosystem.

First Expert talk and Q&A: 

Dario Freddi (the founder of Ispirata, a startup providing IoT/Embedded software and technology to manufacturing and enterprise companies) shared his experience about the major challenges for B2B startups for reaching out to the market and their first customers, and how to deal with them.

Second Expert talk and Q&A: 

Gianluca Segato from Uniwhere (Italian startup right now in Berlin) talked about what early-stage startups need to know, about investments, their story and different perception about startups in another ecosystem.

First pitch – startup Bloovery and Q&A:

Bloovery – “The 3rd-millennium florist. Order flowers by using bot”

Second pitch – startup Bergamo Quest and Q&A:

Bergamo Quest – “New way of discovering interesting facts about the city – Bergamo.”

Third pitch – startup BotSociety and Q&A:

BotSociety – “How to sketch a bot conversation”

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