Startup Crash Test Milan #12 – New startups & community networking

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11th December 2017 – Startup Crash Test Milan, the twelfth event in Milan for the community of early-stage startups and everyone who is interested in discovering new things, products, solutions, being in a trend of the startup ecosystem.

Startup Crash Test is an event aimed at “stress testing” the market strategies, business models, distribution, roadmaps, etc. of technology startups. This event is designed to offer entrepreneurs a platform to tell about their project to other entrepreneurs, to receive feedback from an audience, to find partners, and to develop a network. Three projects take part in the event, which includes 5 minutes of presentation, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.


how to pitch on Startup Crash Test Milan

Since June 2016 SCT Milan event takes place every monthly gathering averagely 50 members. The idea of the format is building a community which can help each member with own purpose. It could be finding new members of the team, validating projects, knowing new people and sharing experience, staying updated with the last news of the early-stage startup’s community of Milan. Since the beginning, SCT Milan was hosted for free in such co-working as Talent Garden Milano – Merano, StartMiUp, ImpactHub Milan, Mikamai. Organizing in different space gives the possibility to build a community around Milan.

The official language of an event is English, which helps to bring foreigners, expats who don’t speak Italian as well as helping startups to pitch in English (for some startups for the first time) to be ready for going to international events and speaking with investors.

Networking is one of the main parts of the event as pitching, as it helps to meet people with the same interests and passion for startups.

How to start conversation on Startup Crash Test Milan


The program of SCT Milan # 12, you can watch the video from the event:

– pitches of startups YoutenticHibye, i2Make; speaker Lorenzo Niola;
– “open microphone” participants: Andrea Romoli and Paolo Antonio Rossi.

Speaker Lorenzo Niola, Co-Director Startup Grind Milano, worked in cool startups located in Denmark, US and Italy + experience in M&A field. Lorenzo spoke about investments for startups, the hot topic which most of the people ask during every event.

Lorenzo Niola, Co-Director Startup Grind Milano
Lorenzo Niola, Co-Director Startup Grind Milano

Startup i2Make (internet to make). “It is a new IoT startup focused on the development of smart systems based on open source solutions.” Davide Negretti, Product Marketing Manager presents “i2make’s vision of IP video door phone, ARGO, not a locked in an object, but a flexible platform connected to your smartphone. ARGO more than a mere doorbell.”

IoT startup i2make, Davide Negretti, Product Marketing Manager
IoT startup i2make, Davide Negretti, Product Marketing Manager

Startup Hibye. CEO & founder, Pietro Miconi.

“Hibye is a social network that allows the users to spot who is around, to connect, to share interests and needs, to chat and interact according to their geo-location. In a world where everybody is absorbed by his/her smartphone all the time,

Hibye gives the opportunity to find a human answer both to personal and business needs. (sharing a taxi ride or a coffee, finding someone to visit a museum with, meeting business partners in an event or a conference).

We are surrounded by people all day long. Unknown people mostly. For us, everyone represents a networking opportunity and Hibye encourage people to break the ice and network.”

startup Hibye, CEO & founder, Pietro Miconi
startup Hibye, CEO & founder, Pietro Miconi

 Startup Youtentic, CEO, Antonio Micali presented it during SCT Milan.

“Youtentic is an innovative service that verifies instantaneously the authenticity of your desired products just scanning the NFC label included in the product through an NFC-enabled smartphone.”

Startup Youtentic, CEO Antonio Micali
Startup Youtentic, CEO Antonio Micali

“Open microphone” part, where community meets interesting people and groups, which could give added value to the startup community. Participants have 3 minutes. Topics could be the presentation of an interesting startup event, other startup community or services, companies which help innovators.

This time, Andrea Romoli presented the list of events for the 18-24 December, which he prepares for every week. You can follow him or find it on StartupItalia.

Paolo Antonio Rossi, co-founder of Milan chapter of Hackers and Founders meetup.

There are perks, which SCT Milan partners give to the community [you need to contact them directly or can write a message to us]:

StartUp Legal (” is available to answer all questions regarding legal issues, tax management, company formation, and every simple or complex doubt you might have on your business from a legal or accounting perspective. [first consultancy – for free]

DigitalHive ( is available to answer all your questions for free regarding:
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