Startup Crash Test Milan #10

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23rd October 2017 – Startup Crash Test Milan, the tenth event in Milan for the community of early-stage startups and everyone who is interested in discovering new things, products, solutions, being in a trend of the startup ecosystem.

This time it was organised in Mikamai, which hosted the community for free and helped to organise all needed logistic issues. Thanks to Gianluca Randazzo, Martina Brambati and all team of Mikamai for warm hosting us and supporting the community of Startup Crash Test Milan

HOLDON, #MedTech startup

CEO, Alexander Shumsky presented his revolutionary product, HOLDON, early stage #MedTech startup on Startup Crash Test Milan #10.

“HOLDON – an Innovative device for regaining grip movement after stroke and other neuro-muscular pathologies.

An ambitious project of which the objective is to help tenth of millions of stroke survivors in the world to obtain an accessible and efficient rehabilitative device.

Muscular electro-stimulation is being supported by more rehabilitative methods, 3d printing customisation and other smart design solutions that allow the user a unique experience of independent and useful exercising activity and more fulfilling life.”

Streamix, #SaaS startup

Co-founder, Sebastian Greco presented Streamix is a multi-camera live streaming platform that allows using your phones as remote cameras to make pro-like broadcasts on Facebook”

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