StartUp and Innovations Digest #07July2016

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News from #Australia: Innovation culture has evolved beyond Turnbull’s mantra

Here you would discover about:
– “Australian innovators and entrepreneurs have been complaining about the state of the national innovation culture for years, with good cause. Only 16% of Australian businesses have a high performing innovation culture, compared with 44% of the global top 100″
– How the culture of implementing innovation and startup mindset in corporations is going on: “15 years ago, Innovation was a carefully planned process, driven from above, and tied to key strategic goals.
In 2016, innovation means entrepreneurship, self-organizing teams, fast ideas, and cheap, customer experiments. This is a completely different concept and practice of innovation.
– which school established “design thinking” as core curriculum for the Silicon Valley design industry and when
Conclusion: remember, to be a good startupper or innovator is not every time having the big risk and, indeed it is something vice versa –  reducing the costs of entrepreneurship by increasing the effectiveness of entrepreneurial ventures.

This can be achieved by teaching people to prototype innovations, and fail and learn fast.

#Biotech Juno Therapeutics Stops Trial Of Cancer-Killing Cells After 3 Patient Deaths

“The news is a blow for Juno Therapeutics, the biotechnology startup valued at $4.3 billion that is developing the treatment, known as a chimeric antigen receptor T-cell, or CART. It’s also a blow for the entire field of these cells, which genetically engineer a patient’s own T-cells (a type of white blood cell) so that they will attack the B cells that become malignant in many types of blood cancer.”
Even there are fails in experiments, it is part of the road.

Biology is tricky, and medicine unpredictable.

#FinTech PayPal Singapore unveils the 3 winning startups for PayPal Incubator

The three winning startups are ONEPAYProsecure and InvoiceInterchange.
ONEPAY – sending and spending money (and cryptocurrencies) free around the world.
Prosecure – creating a worry free shopping experience for online shoppers and e-commerce companies.
InvoiceInterchange – P2P invoice trading marketplace, providing working capital solutions to fund business growth

#TravelStartup Revinate, Key Concierge and More in Travel Startup Funding This Week

#SaaS Revinate ( $12.9 million Series C) helps hoteliers manage their online reputation, states it has 30,000 hotel customers across 164 countries including Marriott International, Wyndham Worldwide, and IHG.

#Booking Festicket ($6.3 million Series B), the booking platform for travel packages to 500 festivals in 40 countries around the world. The company offers a variety of packages and also produces a magazine highlighting different festivals and destination guides for these festivals.

#VirtualConcierge Key Concierge ($3.75 million Series A) As a virtual concierge service for luxury vacation rental properties, operates in eight U.S. markets.

#BoatsBooking Zizoo ( $1.8 million venture round), more than 8,000 boats in its inventory in more than 30 countries. It could be booked online with or without the crew.

#Bonus – #Pitch technique