Sports For Ukraine NFT auctions to support Ukraine today: Athletes and Esports Pros Join In

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Sports for Ukraine is a project whereby sports stars share their achievements in the form of NFT. All proceeds will be donated to Ukraine. — is a leading Ukrainian sports media and community platform that unites more than 5M sports fans. Also, the company develops media and community apps for sports fans in Western Europe and around the globe.

Since its launch in 2013, has become the leading player in the sports media niche. The project is led by its co-founders — experienced tier 1 media managers Dmitriy Navosha and Maksym Berezinskii, who are also known as social activists and volunteers.

As the war in Ukraine started, the team launched a special initiative – the series of NFT auctions to support the country and people faced with russian aggression. Thus it attracted huge attention to Ukraine from the global media and sports community. 

Sports For Ukraine – the name of the initiative – already involved the top sportsmen with the participation of well-known football players like Andriy Shevchenko, OleksandrZinchenko, Robert Lewandowski, a Greco-Roman wrestler Zhan Beleniuk, and eSportsmen from the NAVI team. The list of sportsmen is constantly expanding with new supporters and sports influencers.

So how does it work:
Ukrainian and world sports stars put up lots with their artefacts. Initially, these were auctions for physical lots. For example, more than $100,000 was raised through sales of Lewandowski’s signed T-shirt with the inscription STOP WAR, the bronze Olympic medal of Horuna karateka, and the gold medal of the World Youth Championship Daniil Sikan, and T-shirts of Zinchenko from Manchester City. All funds raised were donated to help the Ukrainians.

Now the project is being transformed into web3 and is launching NFT auctions with unique objects. Everyone can buy 3d-modelled individual trophies of famous athletes, for example, an NBA champion ring or an Olympic gold medal. In addition, 100 cards are available (gold 3d and limited 2d cards).

Q&A Session with Maksim Berezinskiy, CEO at and Dmitriy Navosha, Founder of

What are the criteria for an NFT art to be admitted to one of your auctions? How do you define the value of an NFT art?

” – Primarily for us, some athletes have a big heart and a burning desire to help Ukraine in the war against Russian aggression. We are glad that we managed to attract such world sports stars as Zinchenko, Beleniuk, and Medvedenko, and the eSports star Trinozhenko (previously played in the Ukrainian team Navi).”

Dmitriy Navosha, Founder of
Dmitriy Navosha, Founder of

At which platform(s) your NFTs are available?

” – We work with the OpenSea platform.”

Do the proceeds go directly to the charity’s crypto wallet?

” – No, the proceeds go into the purse of the Tribune, and after that, they are transferred to a charitable organisation.

Many charities are operating in Ukraine at the moment. How did you pick Ukraine Alive 2022 specifically?

” – We know personally the people who work in this organisation. This allows you to be sure that the funds will be quickly received by those who need them. Also, this organisation makes photo reports, which also increases trust.”

Maksim Berezinskiy, CEO at
Maksim Berezinskiy, CEO at

Do you plan to continue your charity auctions – maybe for other charities – when the war is over?

” – We are looking forward to the moment Ukraine wins the war. We are sure that Ukrainians will need help even after the end of the war. Since some regions suffered greatly from hostilities and missile attacks, we will continue to look for opportunities to help Ukraine and Ukrainians.”

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