Slush’D Italy: Bolzano hosts its first edition this September

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Mark your calendars for September 3, 2024, when Bolzano will host this much-anticipated event at NOI Techpark and Fiera Bolzano.

Starting in Finland in 2008, Slush grew from a small gathering of 300 people to a massive event attracting over 15,000 visitors, 5,500 startups, 3,000 investors, and 300 media representatives by 2023 from over 100 countries.

Slush’D is a community-driven movement that empowers teams worldwide to create events for their local ecosystems—all in the spirit of Slush’s mission “to create and help founders that change the world”.

Slush’s Italian edition, Slush’D, is being organized by a team of enthusiastic young professionals: Cristian Frigo, Serena Galli, and Stefano Ceravolo. These three have combined their rich educational and professional experiences from Italy and abroad to make a positive impact on the local and national entrepreneurial scene. The agency Blum manages the event’s communication.

Slush’D has big plans: it aims to bring together 500 participants, including innovative startups, savvy investors, corporate managers, venture capitalists, accelerators, incubators, and institutional representatives. The goal is to spark innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, creating connections between key players from local, national, and international communities, especially focusing on the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).

Bolzano: The Perfect Innovation Hub

Bolzano was chosen for its central location in Europe, making it an ideal spot for this convergence of ideas, projects, and visions. The first Italian edition will focus on four main themes: Climate & Greentech, Food & AgTech, Digital & Automation, and Sport & Mountain Tech.

Cristian Frigo, Co-founder and CEO of Bolzano Slush’D, highlights why Bolzano is the perfect location:

We believe in Italy’s potential as an innovative ecosystem. Bringing such a renowned international event to Italy for the first time is a fantastic opportunity for startups, investors, and companies.

Bolzano’s central location in Europe allows us to connect Italian players with those from the entire DACH region, encouraging diverse perspectives united by a shared passion for innovation.

Cristian Frigo, Co-founder and CEO of Bolzano Slush’D

A Day Full of Exciting Activities

The program includes roundtables, networking opportunities, presentations by innovative startups and companies, talent showcases, and investor-focused activities. The morning sessions will take place at NOI Techpark, a hub for technological innovation. At the same time, the evening events, including an investor dinner and an after-party, will be held at Fiera Bolzano.

On September 3, 2024, Bolzano will transform into a bustling innovation hub as it welcomes Slush’D. This event is set to leave a lasting impact, fostering connections and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of entrepreneurship.

Slush’D Bolzano prioritizes quality over quantity, so the number of tickets for its first edition is limited.