Shop and Swap: Swobbee launches online store for rental batteries

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The Berlin-based climate-tech startup Swobbee is expanding its service to include an online shop for rental batteries.

As a provider of rental batteries and battery swapping stations, Swobbee offers the world’s first manufacturer-independent battery swapping system. The Berlin-based climate-tech company supports micromobility companies in implementing efficient, safe, and sustainable charging operations.

Swobbee has set itself the task of building a network of battery-swapping stations to impact the energy and mobility transition positively. Network effects like cost savings and increased safety are created by reducing the distance one needs to drive to swap batteries and monitoring all charging processes and batteries. This enables risk-free and cost-optimised operations for diverse electric micromobility applications, such as cargo bikes, scooters, kickscooters, and mopeds.

The new service – Online shop for rental batteries

The company is thus evolving into a comprehensive battery service provider for micromobility. The offer is aimed at both existing Swobbee customers, fleet operators who do not yet use Swobbee services and private customers. Previous or future use of Swobbee stations is not a prerequisite.

Swobbee has developed the first multi-vendor battery swapping station with a multi-modal approach for the booming micromobility sector. Currently, the company’s state-of-the-art battery charging and swapping stations are primarily used by sharing, logistics and delivery services to swap empty batteries of small electric vehicles for fully charged ones in seconds, increasing the efficiency and sustainability of fleets.

swobbee multi-vendor battery swapping station

From now on, not only Swobbee’s B2B customers but all interested parties can conveniently order suitable batteries online for rental throughout the EU in the required number and for the appropriate period of time. Suitable chargers for the rental batteries can be rented individually as required. Swobbee thus offers the first circular battery rental system for end users.

At the launch, Swobbee also has a special offer for its customers: Anyone who orders rental batteries in the current year can still charge and swap them free of charge at existing Swobbee stations in 2023 if there are any nearby.

Rental batteries from AES, Akku Vision, GreenPack, Okai, Segway and Torrot 

At the start, Swobbee takes over the distribution of batteries from the manufacturers AES, Akku Vision, Greenpack, Okai, Segway and Torrot. A total of 10 different battery types can currently be ordered and rented, which are compatible with most small electric vehicles on the road in Europe and other applications such as energy boxes. Among them are the main battery models from AES and Akku Vision, widely used in the e-cargo bike and end-user segments. The range of rental batteries is to be successively expanded. 

Swobbee online store for rental batteries
Swobbee online store for rental batteries

Whether for e-moped, e-bike, e-cargo bike or e-scooter: renting batteries instead of buying makes sense. With the new Swobbee online store, battery rental has never been easier.

Our customers benefit from express delivery, flexible periods and fast replacement of defective batteries. With this offer, we make sustainable micromobility even more attractive for corporate and private customers, who can buy and operate small e-vehicles at a reduced price without batteries.

enthuses Thomas Duscha, CEO and co-founder of Swobbee.