Sales Reinvented: Glyphic and Crunchbase Partner to Supercharge AI Copilot with Best-in-Class Data

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Through training on Crunchbase’s top-tier company data, Glyphic’s AI copilot promises actionable insights and growth signals across the entire sales cycle.

Sales AI startup Glyphic announced today a partnership with leading data platform Crunchbase to advance their recently launched AI copilot, which assists sales teams in analyzing customer interactions and providing strategic insights into sales pipelines.

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This partnership comes as a result of Glyphic and Crunchbase’s shared goal to help sales teams boost efficiency and make more informed decisions with the help of AI. With an estimated 75 million+ unique visitors annually and over half of the Fortune 500 and thousands of SMBs represented, Crunchbase is the tech industry’s leading business information provider for private and public companies. 

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Leveraging Crunchbase data and existing contextual information from customer relationship management systems, Glyphic’s AI copilot will automate much of the manual research required of sales teams.

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We are really excited to announce this partnership with Crunchbase – it will be game changing for our customers.

For AI to be useful, it needs to work with high-quality data. This partnership will enable us to proactively surface invaluable insights to sales teams to help them prepare for future customer conversations based on proprietary data from sales playbooks, CRMs, calls, emails, and more.

As we work toward better sales intelligence, we will be leveraging Crunchbase data to ensure our customers make the best sales decisions.

 said Glyphic co-founder and CEO Adam Liska.

The pain point that Glyphic is looking to solve is significant. Historically, sales teams have struggled to make data-based decisions because they relied on subjective and incomplete information in their CRM systems. 

According to Salesforce’s State of Sales report, only 34% of a salesperson’s time is dedicated to sales. Almost 50% of their time is dedicated to administrative tasks (17%), prospecting and researching leads (17%), and internal meetings (12%). 

We’re excited to offer a way for innovators like Glyphic to bring the power of Crunchbase to their customers through data licensing.

With unique data from firmographics to financials, hard-to-find companies, and unique sourcing, our proprietary data is differentiated and essential to generating actionable intelligence.

Together with Glyphic, we aim to eliminate the mental gymnastics of too much data and deliver a highly-effective, AI-driven path to success with the right insights at the right time.

shared Megh Gautam, Chief Product Officer at Crunchbase.

The news comes just weeks after the company announced their $5.5M pre-seed round led by Point72 Ventures with participation from The Creator Fund, Dhyan Ventures (Amar Shah, co-founder of Wayve and Charm Therapeutics), and angels including Mehdi Ghissassi (Head of Product at Google DeepMind) and Rushin Shah (Director at Google Bard).

Founded by former Google DeepMind and Apple engineers, Glyphic is building on the founders’ deep technical expertise in making Large Language Models (LLMs) work with private and dynamic data.

Devang Agrawal (CTO) and Adam Liska (CEO)
Devang Agrawal (CTO) and Adam Liska (CEO)

Adam is driven by a strong passion for building AI-first products that empower users to focus on what truly matters. At Spotify, he developed machine learning models for audio understanding at scale. Later on, he joined Google DeepMind to do applied research and build applications using large language models. During this time, Adam realized the real potential that generative AI can have in enterprise applications.  

Devang loves to create intuitive and user-friendly experiences, ensuring Glyphic products are powerful and seamlessly integrated with sales workflows. He has extensive experience developing and deploying user-facing products at scale, having worked on conversation understanding at Apple Siri and developed multimodal retrieval language models at Google DeepMind. He is now working on bringing both of these to sales teams.