Romanian startup Nooka Space – new CEO and investment round worth €2 million.

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Nooka appoints serial entrepreneur Irina Leca as new CEO.

Nooka Space Booking Experience

The future of work is in a continuous transformation, and one of the vectors of this change is the startup Nooka Space, which today officially announces the appointment of Irina Leca as CEO of the company, as well as the raising of a new investment round worth €2 million.

Existing investors and partners also support this initiative to continue international expansion and develop Nooka Space’s operations in new markets and verticals, including Portugal, Italy and aviation verticals. The investment is nearing completion and is currently in the final stage of selecting relevant investors.

Irina Leca, CEO Nooka Space
Irina Leca, CEO Nooka Space

I’m all in to lead Nooka Space and to build a local and international team that is going to drive our strategic goals.

Irina Leca emphasises

With an MBA from the Quantic School of Business and Technology and degrees in design from Ion Mincu University of Architecture, Irina Leca combines her business skills with a deep understanding of professionals’ needs for proximity workspaces.

Founded in 2020 with a mission to redefine the future of workspaces, Nooka Space already operates in 10 countries, including Romania, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Ireland, and Switzerland. The Nooka Space business model addresses key business segments, from property owners looking for smart solutions to maximize their rental revenue to companies looking to keep up with hybrid work environments.

Real estate developers are keen to maximize their revenue by renting out under-utilized space, and companies are looking for flexibility. That’s where we step in. We’re the missing link.

explains Leca.

Tackling Real Problems

Real estate developers face the problem of unused space. At the same time, companies are transitioning to hybrid working to give employees greater flexibility and reduce the stress associated with commuting. “Both trends create a need for our product,” says Leca. “On-demand proximity offices and our technology fit this need ideally, providing a sustainable way to maximize underutilized space while meeting today’s labour market demands.

Nooka Space technology licensing objectives

Nooka Space’s technological framework seamlessly orchestrates the exploration and reservation escapade for nearby workspaces.

We have developed a proprietary IoT system that can turn any cubicle or physical space into a smart office or meeting room, available for on-demand booking through the Nooka Space mobile app.

No need to hire a receptionist anymore; our technology gives owners full control of their booked space.

says Leca.
Nooka Space Technology Stack
Nooka Space Technology Stack

Nooka Space transcends the confines of ‘office physical spaces’ and aspires to extend the reach of its technological licensure to enterprises poised for avant-garde integration of the company’s IoT schema into their pre-existing domains.

This facilitates the capitalization of spaces through entirely automated leasing, obviating the need for human mediation. Prospective beneficiaries of this avant-garde technology encompass real estate developers armed with unallocated spaces ripe for transformation into versatile offices, operators of coworking spaces keen on abating personnel expenses, and hotels seeking the automatic lease of their meeting spaces.

Going Green

The amalgamation of urban expanses and the burgeoning yearning for employee adaptability form a fertile ground for the flourishing of Nooka Space’s offerings. By siting intelligent and self-governing offices near users, Nooka Space plays a pivotal role in curtailing vehicular congestion and CO2 emissions, championing the cause of sustainable advancement in smart city landscapes.

We are ready not only to offer solutions to simplify the way we work but also to make it more sustainable.

notes Leca.

In symbiosis with leading manufacturers, Nooka Space stands steadfast in its allegiance to environmental preservation as it is to groundbreaking innovation.

What Sets the Pod Apart?

Nooka offers ultra-modern workspaces tailored to the demands of today’s professionals.

We have invested in two new products, Nooka Cube and Nooka Air One, which are specially designed for both indoor and outdoor use. And we also have an innovative product ready for airport waiting areas.

says Leca.
Nooka Space Cube Outdoor

Next Stops: Portugal, Italy, and Beyond

The company is spreading its wings in other strategic markets.

We’re already eyeing Portugal and Italy for our next steps. Our business model is versatile and easily adapts to any type of location, from airports and train stations to hotels, coffee shops, and gas stations.

Leca reveals.