Riga TechGirls launches its first international program for NGOs in partnership with Google

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Riga TechGirls (RTG) proudly announces the inaugural launch of its international program, opening doors worldwide.

The innovative digital masterclass, Digital ABC, is tailored to empower NGO professionals with essential digital skills. Scheduled from September to December 2023, the program is free to attend, thanks to a partnership with Google, and all participants are welcome, regardless of gender or geography.

The program will be online and in English, offering fully remote participation. It will focus on developing skills NGOs require the most in their work. The program comprises a series of masterclasses divided into four modules, emphasizing product & project management, data, digital tools, and emerging tech. 

Riga TechGirls
Riga TechGirls

Riga TechGirls has hosted tens of programs, which more than 22,000 individuals have passed through to improve their tech skills. This is RTG’s first such program that is openly available to an international audience.

As an NGO ourselves, we know the everyday struggles all too well and we know how digital skills and tools can help overcome them. They can make teamwork more efficient, ease collaboration between partners and the target audience as well as free up the most important resource – time.

That’s why we are grateful for the trust Google.org has shown us with the creation of “Digital ABC” for NGOs program and the opportunity for us to finally go international!

Pauls Silins, Co-creator at Riga TechGirls

This program follows the success of the previous masterclasses, focused on developing tech skills among healthcare professionals, creatives, and educators. The need to deliver such masterclasses stems from the fact that these professionals are often not educated in digital skills and tools, yet working in the 21st century, their work and efficiency would greatly benefit from increased literacy and comfort using today’s technology.

The Digital ABCs program is supported under the Google Impact Challenge: Tech for Social Good initiative, which aims to support projects to create a “more resilient Europe”. Applications for the Digital ABCs program are open – the program will begin on September 18th, and will continue until December 6, 2023.