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We asked founders how they prepare for Web Summit and why they decided to participate in Online edition

Web Summit 2020 is going to be online and it expects to reach 100K visitors from around the world. The conference takes place on 2-4 December 2020 on Western European Time (Lisbon/London/Dublin).

Datacasas Proptech

Datacasas Proptech uses data and emotions to sell newly constructed properties entirely online.

Startup Reporter (SR): – Santiago Cabezas-Castellanos, please, tell us what your startup is doing? Where did the idea come from and why you decided to work on it?

Santiago: – We will transform the Real Estate sales system! The time has come to bite the apple of the Real Estate sales process, applying technology with the greatest usability and simplicity possible. We want to transform the Real Estate sale process simpler, faster, and easier.

We detected 3 problems why the developers and Real Estate companies aren’t selling online: Communication, Customer qualification, and Usability.

Solutions to these problems:
– “1 Click Datacasas” -> 1 click to find, 1 click to connect
– “Customer purchase probability index” -> We use our database powered by various technological tools, and through our algorithm, we can predict the customer’s time of purchase
– “Exclusive customer mobile-web” -> The customer will have everything in a single URL. Simple, quick, easy.

Our main customers come from Europe (Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland). But we also have many customers from the Middle East (Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar). On the other hand, we have now started with very good results to collect customers from the United States and Canada.

The Proptech sector is currently moving forward quickly. However, Proptech property sales are making a mistake offering second-hand properties (resale) in the same way as newly constructed properties. Because purchase motivation is often different. The newly constructed customers need to imagine, they need to complete in his mind, they need to fall in love. And this needs a different sales strategy.

On the other hand, the way of offering properties at a technological level is aimed at a marketplace. Our strategy is the opposite, we do not seek that the client reaches our website (although we always attend to it), but we know through very precise segmentation, the tastes, trends, purchasing level according to the technological tools of segmentation of the that we have, obtaining much more effective conversion rates.

  • Online sales are growing exponentially, and with the Covid situation more rapidly.
  • Current company assets: 13,300 potential clients in our database (Mainly from Northern Europe).
  • Acknowledgements: Santander Bank (challenge finalist). CBRE (Europe’s most innovative end-to-end solution).
  • LTV: € 22,880 / CAC: € 6,725

SR: – What do you expect from your participation in the Web Summit 2020?

Santiago: We would like to show the new way to sell newly constructed properties. The online sale rate only can be increased with data and emotions. Before an action always is an emotion. Before a sale always is an emotion.

The online sale can’t be resolved only with isolated tools. We need to resolve all the sales funnel. Datacasas Proptech do it!

SR: Why did you decide to participate in the Web Summit Online Edition?

Santiago: Web Summit Online Edition is one of the best platforms in the world to give visibility to our Startup to investors. The web usability of Web Summit is incredible. This allows us to be able to communicate with agility and efficiency with potential investors and partners.

SR:What would be your advice for better preparation for Web Summit to other founders who think to participate in an online conference?

Santiago: – The Web Summit event is held in December 2020. But we can assure you that since July 2020 the Web Summit team has been working very hard to make everything go perfect. Our Startup’s contact with the Web Summit organization has been very effective and easy.

In our case with Maria Payandee, who keeps a very good track of all the steps to be carried out, and with Robert Fitzgerald who very kindly helped us to enter the select group of Web Summit participants. The entire Datacasas Proptech team is very grateful!

SR: – What would you like to wish the readers?

Santiago: – The Datacasas Proptech team wants to wish all the participants good luck. The level this year is very high, and we hope that we too can live up to it, we are sure of it!

More information via the investor page.