Piktochart Releases Tables and Increases Storage by 100x

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Piktochart, the all-in-one online design platform for businesses, today announced a product update that enhances users’ benefits while remaining at the same pricing level. Together with a new feature, tables, all plans – Free, Pro, and Team – have received an upgrade in storage for uploaded graphics, by 2.5x, 50x, and 100x respectively.

The option to create tables within visuals – whether they are infographics, reports, presentations, posters, flyers, or social media graphics – improves users’ workflow as they no longer need to solely rely on charts to present numerical data.

In many cases, showing data in a tabular form makes more sense than visualizing it with graphs. For all such use cases, users will now be able to use tables, which has been a heavily requested feature. You can find them under the tools section in your Piktochart editor.

said Elvin Lee, Product Manager at Piktochart.

Piktochart’s tables are still in the beta version and currently offer basic functionality such as inserting a table, resizing it, editing, removing/adding columns and rows, rearranging order through drag and drop, and copying to clipboard. 

Users can expect additional functionality in the upcoming months. This will include: 

  • Importing data from Excel, Google Sheets, and a CSV file
  • Copy and pasting from Google Sheets
  • Exporting to PPT and CSV
  • Customization of colors and fonts

This product update also brings an increase in storage for uploaded graphics (images, videos, or GIFs) that are used in visuals. Depending on the plan a user is subscribed to (Free, Pro, or Team), the company has updated the upload capacity as follows:

  • Free plan: 100 MB (previously 40 MB)
  • Pro plan: 50 GB (previously 1GB)
  • Team plan: 100 GB (previously 1 GB/user)

The storage increase comes at no extra cost. Our goal is to offer users more flexibility and enable them to create more personalized infographics, reports, presentations, or printables according to their brand identity and creative needs. We felt that increased storage can help with that.

said Agata Krzysztofik, VP of Growth at Piktochart.

This release brought other additional improvements, including an easier switching between multiple accounts – a useful feature for Team subscribers. “If you are part of multiple teams using Piktochart or need to quickly switch between your personal and work account, you can now do so through a dedicated account drop-down.”

Piktochart has other further changes on the pipeline, with two major ones waiting to be released – a brand new version of Piktochart and collaboration options in the Free and Pro plans, currently only available within a Team subscription.