Nomitri & LÜNING Group launch smartphone-based AI shopping assistant

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No more checkout queues – Nomitri smartphone app creates a new shopping experience for customers at Edeka centre LÜNING Rietberg – attach your smartphone to the holder on your shopping cart and start shopping.

Waiting in line at the checkout is the biggest frustration for over 60% of people when shopping. But that’s in the past: At the Edeka centre LÜNING Rietberg, every LÜNING customer card user will be able to shop autonomously from 29th of November .2021 without having to wait in line for a long time at the checkout, thanks to the Nomitri app.

The long-term cooperation between Nomitri and the LÜNING Group is now bearing fruit after several test iterations – the app can now be used by customer card users on site.

What is needed? You need a smartphone and a registered LÜNING card. In addition, one must be at least 18 years old to be unlocked for the app. Nomitri, an artificial intelligence (AI) specialist from Berlin, aims to make the shopping process much easier and efficient.

Nomitri AI shopping assistant

The customer attaches the smartphone to the shopping cart in a holder and starts the app. Items that the customer adds to the shopping cart are scanned by the smartphone camera.

At the same time, the AI in the app indicates when items have not been scanned correctly or have been added to the cart without scanning. At the end of the shopping trip, the customer lines up at the specially designated quick checkout, scans a barcode there, so that the purchase amount appears at the checkout and is paid there. This eliminates the need to place the goods on the checkout belt, saving customers a significant amount of time.

We are pleased that our data protection-friendly app will save customers at EDEKA centre LÜNING Rietberg a lot of time from now on. Especially in the pandemic, at a time when contactless and cashless shopping is in demand, our app will make a positive contribution.

states Nomitri Managing Director Trinh Le-Fiedler.

After the introduction of self-scanning via our handheld scanners “Scanni”, we offer our LÜNING customer card users with the Nomitri app another option for quick shopping, as it can now also be scanned via their own smartphone.

said Jens Krukenmeyer, Sales Lead LEH of LÜNING Group.