New Initiative To Help Women In Europe Find Jobs In IT Industry

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The Femmegineering project will create job opportunities for women in Europe

Swedish-Ukrainian IT company Sigma Software Group is scaling their Femmegineering initiative to build a female tech community across emerging European tech markets. The organizers will launch educational events and provide free access to IT courses at Sigma Software University and mentorships by industry leaders to female refugees and local women in Europe.

The project was originally founded by Sigma Group in Sweden and was held as a one-year initiative by the Expect a Better Tomorrow foundation. Femmegineering’s main goal was to contribute to an equal tech- and engineering industry.

A New Beginning

The unprovoked russian aggression has forced more than 7 million Ukrainians (mostly women and children) to leave their homes and start new lives abroad. At the same time, around 8,500 IT specialists (mostly men) were drafted into the army or volunteered for territorial defence forces. This situation has pushed many Ukrainian female migrants into quickly learning new professions that allow them to work remotely.

Discussing the initiative, Alexandra Govorukha, Head of International PR at Sigma Software Group and Femmegineering leader, said

My life changed dramatically for the better when I switched my career to the tech industry. I have many more opportunities for self-development and growth, have met many talented people, and have become more flexible and creative.

Unfortunately, due to the biases in our society, women are often told that IT is not a career area for them. But that’s not true.

Our goal with Femmengineering is to break stereotypes, show real ways of building a career in tech for women, and help them become independent financially.

The company has already held practical meetups in Warsaw, Krakow and Sofia, opened internship and IT courses and published inspirational stories of women who have managed great careers in IT. Check Sigma Software’s career opportunities .

New Initiative To Help Women In Europe Find Jobs In IT Industry