From virtual corporate events into Metaverse. Ukrainian startup Party.Space raised $500k from strategic web3 investors

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The fast-growing Ukrainian company Party.Space has received $500K strategic investment  from crypto-native investment DAOs and angels

The list of investors includes:

The monolithic era of social media, dominated by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, reigned for decades. In recent years, we’ve noticed a sudden transition to millions of self-sovereign microcommunities, facilitated by Discord, Telegram, and Discourse.

We believe the Metaverse will follow a similarly exponential trajectory – its future will not be owned by Facebook/Meta, it will be millions of microverses powered by community-first platforms like & Party.Space

NiMA Asghari, Web 3.0 community builder and investor

Party.Space is a high-performing company (*According to the G2 analytics, Spring 2022) with the majority of its team located in Ukraine. The main product of the company is a metaverse for hosting virtual corporate events, online parties for communities, and for DAO board meetings. One of the most successful microverses of Party.Space is the Doge temple where Doge meme fans and members of different communities can socialize and have fun.

Doge Product Hunt
Doge Product Hunt

Virtual land doesn’t comprise the metaverse. Metaverse is built upon visitors’ experience. We base our metaverse blueprint on two years of hosting virtual corporate & community events

Yurii Filipchuk, Party.Space founder
Yurii Filipchuk
Yurii Filipchuk

Party.Space has integrated, one of the fastest-growing DAO tools, to enable token-gated access to the platform. The investment will be allocated to expand the metaverse offering for DAOs & communities. On June 7th, launched an alpha test for selected Guilds to use Party.Space for community events, meet & greet sessions, community calls, and more in the metaverse.

As Ukrainians, Party.Spacers are working hard to support their homeland. They hosted a virtual fundraiser with a Ukrainian charity fund, clients, and product enthusiasts. Party.Space also supports a continuous donation project together with the G2 reviews platform.


MetaHistory (A government-backed NFT project) has also organized several auction ceremonies using the Party.Space metaverse. These events were aimed at driving the sale of exclusive NFTs and profits from auctions, which surpassed $1.5M and were transferred to the Ukrainian volunteer corps.

Cutting-edge technologies are one of the essential components of Ukraine’s support. Therefore, it is especially gratifying that the offline world and the world of web3.0 are coming together to help Ukraine.

The meta-universe is creating whole communities of people who support our country and are ready to rebuild it.

Viktoriya Tigipko, Founder and Managing Partner at TA Ventures, Party.Space investor

Party.Space’s ongoing work includes industry leaders such as Slack, Zapier, Epidemic Sound, Scania, and many others. The company also continues to develop the concept of the metaverse and shares its findings on how to choose a metaverse for company events.

Party.Space’s goal is to make sense of the metaverse concept. Currently, the company considering requests for selling its metaverses as NFTs – stay tuned for more updates.