Leading MedTech Lifen raises € 50M to bring healthcare systems into the digital age

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Lifen, one of the leading HealthTech startups in France, announces a 50 million euro Series C financing led by Creadev and Lauxera Capital Partners, in which the previous investors Serena and Partech are also participating.

Lifen will use the funds to expand its infrastructure to help the healthcare sector digitize its data at scale. For players in the healthcare industry at large, the benefits are threefold: better access to innovations for doctors, simplified use of digitization in the treatment process and fast integration of e-health solutions into hospital information systems.

Progress in eHealth requires joint efforts. Each stakeholder is currently forced to deal with the complexities of the entire ecosystem. Lifen offers a solution to this problem, which will boost the digitalisation of the treatment path.

Franck Le Ouay, Lifen
Co-founders Lifen, Alexandre Huckert and Franck Le Ouay
Co-founders Lifen, Alexandre Huckert and Franck Le Ouay

Lifen, which already has more than 600 healthcare facilities among its customers, will hire more than 200 employees in Europe over the next 18 months to support these developments. According to the Association of British HealthTech Industries, the Healthtech industry represents the largest employer in the broader Life Sciences industry in the UK.

An opportunity for hospitals to embrace eHealth

Healthcare systems are under increasing pressure, notably due to the rise in chronic diseases and the ageing population, while the number of healthcare personnel is stagnating*. In the UK, multiple initiatives to accelerate digital transformation will have a positive impact on the care system (NHS Long Term Plan, The Future of Healthcare initiative). For this digital transition to be fully realised, two main obstacles for publishers must be resolved: cost and complexity of market access. Lifen aims to offer a solution to this problem for all stakeholders.

We were inspired by the importance of this venture and its clarity of vision. Lifen is a key stakeholder in the digitalisation sector, working with hospitals to guarantee quality care for all. The teams at Creadev are delighted to support Franck, his co-founders and his team in this incredibly decisive public health project.

Yohann Gbahoué, Creadev

Lifen improves quality of care by facilitating access to digital innovation, benefiting both doctors and patients

Since 2015, Lifen has built its success on the digitization of medical reports, based on proven technologies, fulfilling the most stringent security requirements. This allows the company to guarantee:

  • Connection to health data: flow management in hospital information systems & artificial intelligence to structure health data;
  • Secure identity management: identity management application suite covering all types of identification and authorisation scenarios;
  • Distribution of solutions to healthcare stakeholders.

Lifen is now expanding these technologies to eHealth applications, allowing this sector to enjoy the added value created by the company over the years.

Lifen aims to deploy its technology in over 1500 hospitals, with 200 eHealth solutions by 2025. Over 200 new employees are expected to be recruited in its technical, product and business development teams over the next 18 months, to support this growth.

At Lauxera Capital Partners, we are convinced that Lifen will become a leading group in the digitalisation of hospital systems. As a Tibi-approved investment, and as we transition towards digitalisation of the health sector in Europe, we are particularly proud to support this flagship French tech venture.

 – Pierre Moustial, Founder and Chairperson at  Lauxera Capital Partners
Franck Le Ouay, CEO at Lifen [French language, English subtitles available ]