Entrepreneurial spirit, Lars Mørch as Chief Revenue Officer at Avallone

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Cutting-edge KYC software solution, Avallone, announces a significant addition to its leadership team with Lars Mørch joining the company as Chief Revenue Officer.

In this newly created role, Lars Mørch will lead the commercialization and global go-to-market of Avallone’s world-class KYC platform.

As a veteran well versed in business development, Lars Mørch brings almost 30 years of multinational Saas sales experience spanning multiple online services companies.

He has, among others, served five years as Regional Sales Director at Workday and two years as Regional Vice President at Salesforce. From these positions, he brings an impressive track record of fostering commercial relationships that propel the growth of the business.

He's also got a very entrepreneurial spirit - as he's had his own coffee roasting company - Risteriet Coffee - as well for almost 20 years in Denmark
Lars Mørch
Lars Mørch

I’m thrilled to be joining this team at such a pivotal time – not only in Avallone’s journey, but in the framework of today’s international landscape.

With ever growing requirements on financial crime prevention and sanctions compliance, I believe that Avallone’s technology offers essential automation and scale needed for our customers to mature their KYC processes.

I’m thrilled to bring our suite of innovative solutions to corporations and financial institutes globally.

says Lars Mørch
Avallone Founders
Avallone Founders

Lars is known for building collaborative, winning, customer-obsessive revenue teams that deliver value and results.

He’s achieved peak levels of growth and performance for some of the world’s largest Saas companies.

I’m delighted to welcome Lars to further expand our customer base and opportunities.

says Anders Meinert Jørgensen, CEO and co-founder of Avallone

Avallone’s mission is to solve one of the most challenging problems facing large corporations and financial enterprises: How to successfully manage the enormous amounts of complex workflows involved with Know Your Customer KYC requests and maintain the vast documentation systems that are required to run a business with hundreds of legal entities and subsidiaries.

Avallon dashboard
Avallon dashboard

Avallone’s platform empowers Treasury, Finance, and Legal teams to increase speed, accuracy and transparency when working with KYC.

Its products include the KYC Collector, which enables companies to easily request KYC from any type of counterparty – accommodating high volumes of counterparties and handling complex KYC data points and requirements.

In addition – the KYC Responder – which allows organizations to efficiently collect, store, structure, e-sign and share the most up-to-date corporate information with its intelligent abstraction layering to improve KYC reply quality when answering requests to banks and other counterparties such as law firms, auditors,, and vendors.

Founded in 2020, Avallone is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. More information at avallone.io

Oleksandr Komarevych (StartupReporter.eu) asked a couple of questions to Lars Mørch:

What are the biggest mistakes and myths you noticed in early-stage startups’ sales & growth sector? 

Lars: – One would be getting too locked into an approach early on. It’s important to be open to trying a number of strategies early on and being nimble and responsive. 

OK: – What are the biggest wastes of time founders do?

Lars: – Reporting that happens too early. It needs to be based on a solid foundation of enough data points to be able to drive meaningful analysis.

OK: – What are your favourite books or resources (blogs, podcasts) on sales, revenue, growth or in general for founders? 

Lars: – At Avallone, we have a culture of learning – so we have a lot of resources that we love! Some books that we recommend include The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz + Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility by Patty McCord. There are a number of great podcasts that the TED audio collective puts out – for example; we love the podcast Work/Life with Adam Grant.

OK: – What would you suggest they use if founders had to teach themselves to improve their work?

Lars: – Building a network with other founders and being able to get ideas and discuss issues.