Software company Klippa launches Partner Network to deliver Intelligent Document Processing solutions at scale

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Klippa announced the launch of its Partner Network, designed to provide customers with a comprehensive and seamless experience while driving growth opportunities for its partners.

Founded in 2015 in Groningen, Klippa now employs more than 80 professionals in Groningen, Amsterdam, Hamburg, and Brasov. The scale-up aims to digitize and automate cumbersome document flows using modern AI technologies like machine learning and OCR. In 2020 Klippa entered the US market.

The tech company now serves over a thousand customers in over 30 countries with various software products. These include software for improving administrative processes, scanning receipts and invoices, expense claim processing, identity validation, and data extraction.

Yeelen Knegtering, CEO of Klippa, welcomes the program’s launch

We are pleased to launch this program and support our partners in strengthening their businesses. We believe this paves the way for successful collaborations and developing new solutions for our customers.

Why a partner program?

Klippa receives a lot of demand from its customers and other companies to establish integrations with new or existing systems. There is also a great demand from software developers who want to use Klippa’s document scanning functionalities in their customers’ automation projects. To meet this demand, Klippa recently designed the partner program.

Three different partner opportunities

The Klippa Partner Network includes three distinct partnership opportunities that allow resellers, technology vendors, and implementation partners to collaborate with Klippa’s experts to ensure the successful deployment and support of IDP solutions.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, Klippa’s partners will benefit from access to new markets, expansion of their business, faster time to market, and the ability to add customer value.

Tom Oudhuis, Head of Partnerships at Klippa
Tom Oudhuis, Head of Partnerships at Klippa

At Klippa, we understand that a strong network of partners is critical to our success.

That’s why we’ve developed a network that offers several options to deliver true document automation at scale.

As Business Partners, companies will provide customers IDP and expense management solutions and services. They will be responsible for advising, reselling, and supporting Klippa’s solutions across all levels of enterprises.

Technology Partners will seamlessly integrate Klippa’s solutions, driving more excellent customer value.

Implementation Partners will have the opportunity to collaborate with our team of experts to deploy Klippa’s solutions, providing innovative IDP solutions to their clients while also benefiting from the growth opportunities that come with it.

said Tom Oudhuis, Head of Partnerships at Klippa.

As Klippa’s partner, businesses will have the opportunity to collaborate with a provider of IDP solutions and leverage their expertise to deliver extra value to their customers.

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