Italian startups at Web Summit 2021

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Web Summit is back in Lisbon from November 1-4.

As Web Summit returns to its first in-person event in Lisbon in two years, it will host global founders, investors and stars of tech and science, including Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, European commissioner Margrethe Vestager, Microsoft president Brad Smith, and Hollywood comedian Amy Poehler, alongside 1,000+ speakers, 1,500 journalists and 700+ investors.

More than 1,450 startups and partners will be exhibiting on the Web Summit floor this year, including global brands such as Siemens, H&M, Cisco, eToro and KPMG.

Meet Italian startups joining at Web Summit 2021

AI & Machine learning
Aptus.AI is getting rid of all the documents circulating chaotically in compliance, letting humans and machines collaborate effectively.
Stand A609
Team: Andrea Tesei (CEO), Lorenzo De Mattei (CTO), Lica Sidoti (Media Planner)
One additional fact: USP – Anticipate regulatory trends to enable better compliance strategy.

Contents – an AI platform based on machine learning for trend analysis and content generation.
Stand G116
Team: Massimiliano Squillace (CEO), Mario Marzullo (COO), Laura Tolentino (Customer success account manager), Alejandro Sanchez (Country manager Spain & Portugal)
One additional fact: raised $9 Million to date.

Innereo is an AI platform that combines emotional patterns and Eda with the aim of creating personalised sound experiences.
Stand PS425
Team: Fabio Farina

Emoj is a startup focused on artificial intelligence in the fields of e-learning, proctoring system, industry 4.0 and automotive.
Stand PS423
Team: Luca Giraldi (CEO), Mirco Rosignoli (Sales manager), Silvia Podesta (Head of UX Design).

Intuendi is an AI-driven Demand Planning & Inventory replenishment software designed to increase sales and ROI.
Stand PS430
Team: Benito Fabio Zaccone (CEO), Karina Edde (Business development executive), Alessandro Galligari (CTO).

Tresarti allows any fashion shop to kick off a tailor/made business with an innovative App that turns the store into a tailored boutique.
Stand B405
Team: Alessandro Cavinato (CTO), Gianpiero Giunta (co-founder), Andrea Mecacci (co-founder).

Gaming, VR & AR
AR Market – Gamified Immersive Experiences to reshape Education, Events & Retailing. AR/VR technologies & 360 Virtual spaces to empower your business.
Stand B108
Team: Andrea Baldini (CEO), Flavia D’Altrui (CMO), Agostino Michele Solagna (Creative Director)
One additional fact: Turnover 2020 – €130K (x3 vs 2019), Projections 2021 – €250K. Self-funded, looking for min €1M as Round A.

Advertising, Content & Marketing
Aryel is a SaaS platform that helps brands to create engaging AR marketing campaigns in a snap. No coding. No apps.
Stand B404
Team: Mattia Salvi (CEO), Vincenzo Schifano (Head of Product), Elena Aliyari (Head of Sales).
One additional fact: raised €250K

OpenBar is a marketing platform that allows your brand to be associated with positive emotions through the gift of a drink or a coffee.
Stand PS407
Team: Cristiano Ceretti (CEO), Nicola Mazzucchelli (co-founder)

Pigro wants to be the easiest way to automatically retrieve a clear/cut answer from any company knowledge base.
Stand PS422
Team: Nicola Abbasciano (COO), Nicolò Magnanini (CEO).

eCommerce & Retail
b-more – Marketing and loyalty platform for local retail, that helps small and medium businesses to acquire and retain customers.
Stand A208
Team: Francesco Ciciriello (CEO), Michail Zakharenko (CTO), Elisa Pintorello (Designer and SMM).
One additional fact: 7 of 10 Italians are more likely to buy in store if there is a loyalty program available.

Emerge – the Italian Food Platform where Italian producers can easily show themselves to buyers worldwide and connect with each other.
Stand A252
Team: Beatriz De Gennis

Mirta is the first marketplace connection high-end makers with independent retailers.
Stand G132
Team: Martina Capriotti (co-founder), Ciro Di Lanno (co-founder), Alessia Primavera (PR and Communications).

Radicalbit – a livestream commerce & sentiment analysis platform for brands, retailers and agencies.
Stand B216
Team: Alessio Maida (Head of Marketing), Marco Tagliabue (Product Manager), Sanitpim Sirichatpaphakul (Digital content intern).

Environment, energy & cleantech
Birdi is a startup focused on environmental monitoring using remote sensing, precision farming, GIS and digital cartography technologies.
Stand PS441
Team: Enrico Usai (CEO)
One additional fact: 2022 – market launch. Customer acquisition through training courses, free trial, service subscription.

Eco Change is a community platform of brands and people that incentives and rewards circular consumption patterns.
Stand A311
Team: Enzo Maria Savello (CEO), Gianpaolo Volpe (CMO)

Radoff – indoor air monitoring and eliminating radon gas and the main pollutants (PM, VOCs, CO2) with a smart & disruptive device.
Stand PS445
Team: Matteo Aprili (Art Director), Stefania Schino (Business Developer)

Wiseair – data-driven policy-making platform for clean-air cities and communities. We collect data, generate awareness, promote impact.
Stand PS207
Team: Carlo Alberto Gaetaniello (COO), Fulvio Bambusi (CTO), Tosca Naletto (Intern).
One additional fact: Traction 30+ customer municipalities, €80K ARR, €200K Prospect ARR 2021, 200+ sensor all-over EU.

Enterprise software solutions
Builti – quickly and uniformly evaluate risks on your structural assets through SaaS and turn/key solutions prioritising actions and optimising costs.
Stand PS428
Team: Massimo Bava (CEO), Enzo Castallaneta ( CCO), Yanire Oyarbide Ubes (Marketing)
One additional fact: Business model is based on three targets – scientific committee, network, industry.

Butterfly Decisions – trace, qualify and speed up your company decisions. Scientific approach and innovative algorithms are integrated in the software solutions
Stand 416
Team: Enzo Troncone (CEO), Rosaline Cammardella (Marketing), Michele Criscuolo (CTO).
One additional fact: the capital need is €750K (15% company shares).

Deliverart – The all-in-one food delivery management software for restaurants.
Stand PS408
Team: Eleonora Bove (CMO), Damiano Ciarla (CTO), Bryan Natavio (CEO)
One additional fact: SaaS pricing. SMEs for a single point of sale – €40 monthly, Dark kitchen – Franchises for a single point of sale – €100 monthly.

Jiku – is an auto-generate custom shareable infographics from an easy to use data monitoring platform.
Stand PS443
Team: Roberto Marras (CEO), Gina German (Ux Designer),

TimeFlow – is an AI-based platform that connects companies looking for outsourced developers with IT consulting companies.
Stand PS433
Team: Lorenzo Danese (CEO), Federico Patrioli (COO).

Worldz – SaaS and platform for eCommerce that turns eShop into Social commerce. Users pay purchases with their popularity online.
Stand B308
Team: Joshua Priore (CEO), Gianluca Varriale (co-founder).

Carchain – a digital identity of the car on the blockchain using NFTs.
Stand PS413
Team: Lisandro Espindola (CEO), Noelia Gamarra (UX/UI)
One additional fact: Revenue model includes Transaction based (B2C: from €0 to €25 per Advertisement, B2B: from €16 to €2 per Advertisement. €100 per car tokenization on the blockchain and €12 per year to keep the vehicle’s records up to date under the fidelity program) and Affiliation model (B2B2C: entry fee + 20% of the revenues after reaching the BEP).

Faire Labs – creditworthiness analytics and Instant Lending solutions through Open banking and AI.
Stand B309
Team: Cristina Bonacina (Head of Product & Strategy), Claudia Chiesa (Head of Design), Andrea Spenuso (Product Marketing Manager), Matteo Chiarini (Product Manager).

My-Money is the future of device-free payments, a pure biometric payment system for payments in physical shops.

Qodeup is the best smart menu and the revolutionary solution to split the bill and pay at the table.
Stand A451
Team: Fabio Marniga (CEO), Stefano Allegra (CTO), Morgana Tuvo (Account Manager).
One additional fact: growth to date 1000+ clients, €25K MRR.

RE-lender is an impact lending crowdfunding platform dedicated to real estate, industrial, ecological and technological conversions.
Stand B333
Team: Paolo Manetta (co-founder), Diana Piemari (CMO), Francesco Marella (founder).

Splitty Pay is a payment option to be installed on the merchant check-out page and allows to “buy now pay later” option in 3 instalments.
Stand PS411
Team: Alberto Porzio (CEO), Matteo Anthony Destantini (CFO), Alessandro Broggi (Support legal analyst).

Legal & consultancy
Bandzai – data-driven SaaS whose algorithms helps SMEs in automatically scouting, evaluating and selecting public aid measures according to their strategy, cost and financial structure.
Stand PS447
Team: Matteo Boccia (COO), Valentina Bellotti (Regulatory expert), Alessandro Orgiana (Senior Regulatory Expert)
One additional fact: beta stage, public launch in December 2021. Looking for €600K.

Hardware & iOT
Cleep is the smallest 4K wearable camera to capture your moments hands-free: ultra-lightweight glasses mount – EIS, Wi-fi preview.
Stand PS435
Team: Giulio Cesarelli (CEO), Giuseppe Caccavale (CTO), Giorgio Di Maurizio (Art Director)
One additional fact: Business model – B2C (Crowdfunding, eCommerce, Retail), B2B (Luxury Brands, Police, Security)

Tata Pad is a baby safety device with smart alarms that helps parents prevent children from being left in the car.
Stand B412
Team: Andrea Gattini (CMO), Giorgio Sadolfo (CEO), Stefania De Roberto (Head of Mobile), Vittoria Aurora ALbrizio (Content marketing).

Ribes Tech – printed photovoltaics and printed electronics. We offer custom energy harvesting solutions for IoT and printed elements for smart packaging.
Stand B409
Team: Andrea Calcagni (business development), Antonio Iacchetti (CEO), Francesca Scuratti (CPO).

Verso is the first wearable device that enables gesture-based interaction. Wear Verso and start controlling your pc and mobile device.
Stand PS417
Team: Nichele Franzese (CMO), Alessandro Zuliani (CEO).

Strategic BIM – a Proptech Startup for Assets and Buildings Services by providing a range of services and solutions, including Digital Twin, IoT, Scan, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services.
Stand PS421
Team: Roberto Demarchi (CEO).

Sports, fitness & wellness
Footure Lab is a soccer sports data company created by professionals: data, videos and statistics for clubs, players, operators and media.
Stand PS444
Team: Alessia Merella (Business Developer), Andrea Maddau (founder), Pier Vincenzo Mureddu (COO).

Soccerment accelerating the adoption of data analytics in football.
Stand A209
Team: Aldo Comi (CEO), Federico Frellicca (Chief design & product officer), Duarte Cunha (Intern).

Travel & Hospitality
Guestnet – digital concierge. We simplify guest-communication, reduce information costs, optimise processes and increase in-house revenues.
Stand B428
Team: Martin Tauber (founder), Hubert Rienzner (co-founder), Edi Unterweger.

Treepli – travel stories are someone else’s next trip. On Treepli you can find them, book and share your own.
Stand A116
Team: Francesco Di Gregorio (co-founder), Giovanni Lotterio (co-founder), Maurizio Consilvio (co-founder).

WillAge – start a new life in South Italy.
Stand PS403
Team: Bartolo Castellano (CEO), Antonio Maresca.

Medtech & Pharma
IDEGO develops VR software to revolutionise psychotherapy. We believe in finding creative solutions to promote Mental health.
Stand A235
Team: Simone Barbato (CEO), Lorenzo Di Natale (COO), Kristiana Cufari (Communication).

Maindcare combines a proprietary wearable and AI to help to prevent chronic stress with daily personalised activities based on gamification.
Stand A252
Team: Elisa Seghetti (CEO), Francesco Rossi (Frontend developer), Federico Anastasi (UX Designer).

Quicklypro – Q-Walk, the innovative wearable device for gait training rehabilitation.
Stand PS418
Team: Niccolò Sala (CEO), Simona Carminati (Product Manager).

Sensovan – smart nebulisers and sanitising fragrances, scented and functional for health and experiential wellness.
Stand PS401
Team: Bernald Leone (founder).

Monokee is a single platform for identity and access management, passwordless user journey and decentralised identity.
Stand PS406
Team: Roberto Griggio (CEO), Simone Albamonte (president).

Vemini – omnichannel digital identity thanks to decentralised veins biometrics.
Stand A480
Team: Nicolò Debenedetti (CEO), Aldo Carrolo (Software Developer), Alan daniel Ghebresillasie (CTO).

Data Science & Analytics
Quick Algorithm – Scops digitises and analyses all the data coming from any asset to prevent issues, reduce downtimes and optimise energy consumption using AI.
Stand B102
Team: Jacopo Piana (CEO), Francesca Tosi (Head of Growth), Giulio Mazzanti (Head of Engineering).
One additional fact: Raised €1M. Revenue model – scalable SaaS.

Social media & Networking
RedAbiss connect brands with retailers social media pages.
Stand PS414
Team: Lucio Gamba (CEO), Alessandra Mangiavacchi (Sales Director).

Uose is a new way to think about social networks. It works for communities, embeds a marketplace and gives you smart tools to manage events.
Stand PS426
Team: Alessio Troilo (CEO), Francesco Sioli (Developer).

Therability – K-12 physical and smart voice educational platform that provides transdisciplinary and personalised learning experiences.
Stand A115
Team: Adriano Travaglia (CEO), Julietta Capogna (Designer & Co-founder).

Philanthropy & Social good
WillEasy – an ecosystem built collecting objective data about accessibility and usability of venues, based on real people needs and big data sharing.
Stand A303
Team: William Del Negro (CEO), Lorenzo Persia (Marketing Director), Eva Bertinelli (CCO).