Italian startup TA-DAAN is opening its first equity crowdfunding campaign

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Fundraising goal €800K to accelerate the e-commerce growth, integrate its online presence with physical pop-up stores and strengthen its network of artisans.

TA-DAAN – a first digital destination for contemporary craftsmanship and winner startup of TechChill 2022 – is launching today its first fundraising campaign on Mamacrowd, the most relevant Italian platform for equity crowdfunding investments, to raise €800K.

Ta-Daan Pitch-battle-winner-TechChill-Milano
Ta-Daan Pitch battle winner TechChillMilano

With the raised funding, TA-DAAN aims to accelerate its e-commerce growth, expanding its network of European artisans and investing in a phygital marketing strategy combining digital marketing investments with the opening of pop-up stores all over Europe hosting show crafting events.

The campaign will officially begin on the 20th of December and will be online until the 20th

However, from today, Early Bird investors will be entitled to an increase in equity of up to 19%. To benefit from the advantages reserved for Early Birds, finalising an investment order during these first 14 days of the campaign is necessary.

TA-DAAN – a startup with an under-35 all-female funding team ( Sara Pianori, Costanza Tomba, Roberta Ligossi, Valeria Zanirato) – was born with the ambition to bring online a traditionally offline world: one of small craftsmen workshops. In an increasingly fast and standardized world, going back to talking about craftsmanship means promoting three fundamental values: unicity, creativity and mindfulness.

TA-DAAN Team - Sara Pianori, Costanza Tomba, Roberta Ligossi, Valeria Zanirato
TA-DAAN Team – Sara Pianori, Costanza Tomba, Roberta Ligossi, Valeria Zanirato

Starting from communicating these three values, TA-DAAN started as a digital magazine with an international community of more than 200k followers and a database of more than 5k artisans.

By listening to the community’s needs, on July 2022, the TA-DAAN Shop launched: content e-commerce with already +60 artisans from 7 different European countries and a selection of +300 products ranging from home decor to handmade jewels.

TA-DAAN products

Unlike what has been believed a few years ago, nowadays craftsmanship is living a re-discovery and revival moment, especially within the youngest generations.

To them is dedicated TA-DAAN, with the ambition of promoting a more conscious consumption.

declares Roberta Ligossi, CEO and Co-Founder of TA-DAAN

To join the craftsmanship revolution and become a TA-DAAN investor, click here.