Italian Community Managers Summit – Milan, June 2018

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16th June Milan hosts The Italian Community Managers Summit (formerly CLSxItaly).
The event for all community leaders, organizers, curious and interested who want to share their experience in managing a community. 

The event is an opportunity to understand, discuss, learn and improve the art of community management, with particular attention, but not unique, to the Italian ecosystem.

A world that’s growing increasingly lonely despite being more connected than ever before in history. As a result, people are in desperate need of “real” community. This is driving how we interact with each other online and off and how our society is evolving.

There are effects on how people interact with businesses and organizations. Today, people are looking for more than just products from businesses… they’re looking for a sense of shared identity and belonging. They want to contribute and be a part of something they care about.

Since 2016 two times per year community managers gather in Rome and Milan to find the right tools to grow community and share experience. The format now proven by previous events and it is divided into two moments:

  • during the morning, several plenary sessions have analyzed the life cycle of a community: from its birth up to its entrustment to other leaders, through growth, useful metrics to understand its development, conflict management techniques, diversity and much more.
  • in the afternoon, however, an open unconference managed by all the participants, allowed to exchange opinions and experiences, to share successes and failures, to confront each other, to create new synergies and plan future ideas together.

PROGRAM of 16th June, Milan
Talent Garden Calabiana
Via Arcivescovo Calabiana 6, 20139 Milan

Tickets €15-€25 on Eventbrite

  • Caterina Manzi – Senior Territory Business Manager of Airbnb “Community management as an Airbnb success key
    A brief overview of community management strategies at Airbnb from the beginning to today will show us how the community has played a key role in the success of the business, and how our business has had a positive impact on the community.
  • Luca Molinari – Service Design Drinks Community Leader Milan “Serendipity: a community by case
    There are many ways through which a community comes into light. Through the history and successes (and many epic fails) of Service Design Drinks Milan, we will speak above all of one of these ways, that is when we respond to a need but felt unexpressed and we find ourselves by chance “in the right place at the right time “.
  • Alessandro Cadoni and Lorenzo Capecchi – Friendz “From zero to 250K users without investing in marketing: all errors and mistake strategies
    How to grow an online community around a brand or product? From customer care to engagement, from growth hacking to gamification, all the mistakes we realized we made in our journey, from zero to 250 thousand members.
  • Annette Palmieri Chatbot and community management: towards the customization of the brand-user relationship
    The Community Manager is the figure that unites the brand to the user, the one who knows the needs of the customers and the business expectations. How to integrate the new Chatbot technology to move towards personalization in private responses and comments? We will discover all the dynamics and automation to be activated, without ever excluding the role of the Community Manager.
  • Alessio Fattorini, NethServer ” No strategy No party
    Building a community without a well-defined strategy is like building a house without a foundation or a project. You risk not finishing the house or designing one with many “structural” problems. A strategy allows you to start with the front end, understand where you want to go, what are the objectives and the steps to be taken to achieve them. We will see together how to build an indispensable community for members and stakeholders. Theory, concrete cases and framework to be used in any situation.

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