Interview with MeetnGreetMe – the pre-ICO, raised 161% of the previous goal

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MeetnGreetMe is a p2p platform for travel concierge services. To put it simply, it is a service where travellers request personalized concierge services from local people. For instance, to advise an area to stay, arrange a transfer or meet upon arrival, translate, arrange a gastronomic, shopping or city guiding tour, plan a trip, book tables, etc. Powered by AI MeetnGreetMe hybrid blockchain platform transforms travel experience into a really personalized experience and lets every traveller enjoy an individualized adventure in line with their needs and budget.

Oleksandr Komarevych (OK): – Congratulations with the pre-ICO, you raised 161% of the previous goal. Right now you are preparing for the next round is the main stage of ICO (scheduled for the end of March). Could you tell why you as a travel project decided to use ICO?

Zhyhar Hanna (ZH): – The fully operational platform was launched in May 2016. Before that, we were testing the idea – participated in international startup competitions and, as a result, first users and transactions between them. At the moment, the geography of the platform has expanded to 80 countries and 290+ cities. 750 verified MeetnGreeters provide services to travellers in these cities. The platform has processed more than 1000 requests for travel concierge services.

Adapting the blockchain technology will allow MeetnGreetMe to have its own means – WelcomeCoin – MeetnGreetMe crypto-token that is designed to incentivize users and reward the activities connected with the platform growth and development. WelcomeCoins are aimed at fueling MeetnGreetMe ecosystem. Besides, the blockchain enabled payment system will allow to exclude a costly middleman from the money transfer process in future, make it transparent and convenient for the parties regardless their geographical location. Today people from some countries have to refuse the opportunity to become MeetnGreeters just because of unreasonably high transfer fees.

OK: – You are going to issue 150 mln WEL and only half of them would be available for acquisition, right? What are you going to do with the second half?

ZH: – The total supply of WelcomeCoins is 150,000,000 WELs, half of them are available during the crowdsale. The rest 50% (75,000,000 WELs) will go for:

  • 2 % Bounty, referrals, contributors
  • 0,5% Bounty manager
  • 7 % Early stage backers and advisors
  • 7,5 % Founders
  • 7,5 % Team and future hires
  • 25,5 % Reserve pool for ecosystem development

OK: – Please, tell us about your advisors for the ICO? Who are they and what do they help you with?

ZH: – Our advisors represent various spheres of expertise… Ben Malpass, the advisor from London, is a member of the prestigious Les Clefs d’Or – an international association of hotel concierges. Moreover, he is a verified MeetnGreeter in London and knows all the ins and outs of MeetnGreetMe platform. Dmitry Dudin and Anton Kulichkin support us with their blockchain and cryptocurrency expertise. Boris Lev and his law office help MeetnGreetMe with legal expertise and advice. Lana Gereshko as a crypto expert, finance executive and ICO scam & fraud specialist,  supports us in questions related to investor relations and exchange listings. Dmitry Pytko, Ryan Schefke and Pierre Yurow help us build a successful marketing strategy.

OK: – Which advice may you give to a startup who wants to ICO?

ZH: – You need to have at least one real advisor and supporter who really believe in your team and idea, and who are interested in your project’s success and can motivate you when you feel down because ICO is a complex and hard thing.

OK: – One of the important, if not the most important, part of the startup is a team. Who are people which represents MeetnGreetMe?

ZH: – There are 10 people in the team who comprise various educational and professional background: Business, Designers, Engineers, Marketing Managers, Customer Support Specialists, SMM-Managers. We all work both at ICO and at growing MeetnGreetMe platform because before and during ICO we need to process new service requests and verify new MeetnGreeters.

OK: – In one of the interviews Elena Shkarubo, CEO of MeetnGreetMe, answering on the question “which advice you could give to younger startuppers?” said “you need to believe in what you are doing, in yourself, in your team and execute”. My question would be about the atmosphere in your team, what does be the member of the team of MeetnGreetMe mean for you?

ZH: – We are more like a family rather than a team already. Every team member is essential and we value everyone’s contribution to achieving our main goal – MeetnGreetMe platform growth and success.

Team MeetnGreetMe
Team MeetnGreetMe

OK: – What is your motto in the startup?

ZH: – Let’s open the world through people around us.

Here there is a link to read more about ICO of MeetnGreetMe.