Intel Ignite Selects 10 Startups for EU deep tech 2024 European Cohort

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Intel® Ignite, Intel’s global startup accelerator program for early-stage deep tech startups, is launching its seventh cohort in Europe on April 22nd.

The program, nestled in the heart of Munich, Germany, serves as a beacon for startups spanning the European continent. This season’s group includes innovators from Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden. Out of a diverse and competitive pool of over 300 enterprises hailing from 25 different nations, only 10 were chosen to partake in the rigorous 12-week initiative.

Deep tech, now the titan of venture capital investments in Europe, is a testament to its durability and pivotal influence. Markus Bohl, the Managing Director of Intel Ignite Europe, remarks, “Intel Ignite, by zeroing in on deep tech, not only anchors itself at the epicentre of Europe’s startup milieu but also plays a crucial role in cultivating the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

The selected startups of the seventh European cohort boast an impressive average funding of €7M each. Their areas of expertise span a wide array of deep technology sectors, including semiconductor fabrication, advancements in silicon and photonics, innovations in-memory compression, data streaming technologies, AI processing capabilities, and pioneering applications in robotics and the satellite arena.

The current lineup of the new European cohort includes:

  • AIRMO (Germany) – High-precision, AI-driven greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions analytics generated from own multi-sensor-equipped satellites.
  • Cartken (Germany) – All vision-based, low-cost self-driving stack for outdoor robotics in industrial and last-mile delivery applications.
  • Flink (Switzerland) – Multi-robot software platform enabled by AI computer vision and motion control intelligence.
  • LUBIS EDA (Germany) – AI-driven cloud platform for preemptively detecting and fixing chip bugs before production.
  • NcodiN (France) – Laser-integrated photonic technology for high-speed, energy-efficient interconnects in advanced chip packages.
  • Pathway (France) – Unified batch and event stream data processing for complex, high-speed data transformations.
  • SCIL (Netherlands) – Substrate conformal imprint lithography solutions for high-volume patterning at the nanoscale level.
  • Ultralytics (Spain) – Provider of open-source YOLO models and a no-code platform for building, training, and deploying computer vision applications.
  • Waveye (Germany) – AI-driven, high-res 4D radar imaging for autonomous systems.
  • ZeroPoint (Sweden) – Soft IP for hardware-accelerated, secure and lossless compression across the entire memory architecture.

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