How to Web’s London Gathering

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Bridging the Gap: How to Web’s London Gathering Fosters Connections for the Global Startup &Tech Ecosystem

How to Web Conference, the leading startup and technology conference in Eastern Europe, is pleased to announce its latest “How to Web on Tour” gathering in London. This intimate meetup, held on April 29th, brought together founders and tech leaders from Eastern Europe and the UK to foster connections and spark crucial conversations for a thriving global startup and tech ecosystem.

The “How to Web on Tour” initiative aims to bridge the gap between knowledge and connections in the tech world. By hosting small, intimate events like the London gathering, How to Web Conference cultivates a space where Eastern European founders and leaders can connect directly with their international counterparts, or with each other as demonstrated yesterday.

Creating a platform for open dialogue and connection is essential for building a strong global startup and technology ecosystem.

says Alexandru Agatinei, CEO How to Web

Yesterday, the Romanian-born conference brought together dozens of Eastern European professionals based in London or visiting London for business. The substantial number of people meeting up at these intimate gatherings shows the appetite people currently have for quality discussions, and such contexts are creating invaluable business opportunities.

Our ‘How to Web on Tour’ events provide a unique opportunity for Eastern European tech leaders to share their insights with a wider audience and forge valuable partnerships that can propel their ventures forward.

says Monica Zara, Head of Conference How to Web

Series A founders, tech experts, venture capital investors, product builders and many others joined this private gathering and got at least one business meeting scheduled.

The London gathering exemplifies the power of fostering a collaborative environment. By prioritizing open discussion and fostering personal connections, How to Web Conference lays the groundwork for a future where Eastern European tech talent has a prominent voice on the global stage.

The On Tour series by How to Web continues in many European and American cities. For more details and applications, visit: