Heloola is born, an Italian startup that proposes a revolution in the world of publishing

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Heloola is a subscription digital book club. It was born from the community of the same name, which on Instagram and TikTok has over 100k loyal followers.

Heloola is a digital subscription book club that promises its users a new and shared reading experience in the wake of the first internationally successful models, which, until now, had not yet been seen in Italy.


The book of the month, the protagonist of the book club, is the result of an independent editorial line, is selected among the best new Italian and international releases and is the subject of in-depth analysis and moments of discussion with the community.

Heloola was founded by two young entrepreneur sisters: Giada Cancellario and Alice Cancellario

It starts from the month’s book, carefully selected among the best Italian and international releases; each book subscriber can choose to receive directly at home in paper or e-book format (depending on the plan subscribed).

The book will then appear in the digital library of book club subscribers, accompanied by exclusive content, including in-depth videos, interviews with authors, authors and publishers and unique reading suggestions.

Finally, there will be space to share opinions and food for thought with the community through a comments section and, especially during the digital event at the end of the month: a moment of meeting and discussion and an opportunity to get to know each other and recognize each other among readers.

We see reading as a form of pop entertainment, like cinema and TV series

comments Alice Cancellario

Alice founded the company with her sister Giada after a degree in Economics and Management for Art, Culture, Media and Entertainment at the Bocconi University of Milan and after a rich experience in the entertainment sector, including companies of the calibre of The Walt Disney Company and TikTok.

Alice Cancellari, Heloola pitch
Alice Cancellario, Heloola pitch

Heloola’s selection focuses on contemporary, quality books that offer stimulating conversation points and that allow our community to range from different genres and points of view, month after month.

We like the idea of finding what in the future will be considered the classics of our times.

adds Giada Cancellario, director of the company

In addition to the community, almost all of which claim to be influenced by Heloola’s reading selection (85%, source: Instagram Poll), the acceleration program of Bocconi University in Milan – B4i – Bocconi for innovation believed in the project.

Heloola participated in and concluded the acceleration path of B4i in July 2022, together with 6 other Italian startups.

All subscription plans are available on www.heloola.com, and the November book of the month will be announced on October 20th.