Fuel Well, Ukrainian Startup Is Ready to Reduce Transport Carbon Footprint Worldwide by 30 mln Tons per Year

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Secondary market transport still ranks number one as the main source of emissions in cities worldwide. In addition to contributing to climate change, the transportation sector is also responsible for significant amounts of air pollution: CO2, CO, NOx and PM that cause more than 400 thousand premature death according to EEA.

FuelWell is an additional device for an internal combusting engine that reduces CO2 and other emissions. Overall, our solution is dedicated to helping drivers and responsible businesses across the world in achieving ecological sustainability, by increasing current vehicle fleets’ effectiveness.

Technology successfully tested in all transport sectors with well-known automobile brands such as Scania, Mercedes, Volvo, John Deere, JCB, MAN and many others. The ecological effectiveness of technology is also officially proven by Motor Transport Institute, Warsaw (ARTEMIS, NEDC, and WLTC cycles). Model range consists of solutions for diesel and gasoline engines for commercial, passenger vehicles, trucks, ships and railway transport.

If we make individual choices to reduce our emissions, we can make a big impact collectively. Encouraging cleaner transportation infrastructure locally helps make options more appealing. With our cutting-edge devices, we can help the world by reducing our vehicle’s carbon footprint.

Serhii Dubinevych, FuelWell CEO

Their ambitions are to sufficient reduce transport’s carbon footprint by providing their technology worldwide. Their proven results show the reduction of harmful emissions: CO2 – 15%, CO – 39%, NOx – 35%, PM – 90% is average for vehicles, in tons: CO2 – 37269000, NOx – 1.180.900, СО – 357.000, РМ – 124.000.