Eutopia – a new list of climate tech startup programs in Europe

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Eutopia released a running list of climate tech accelerator and incubator programs in Europe.The list features 120+ programs that can be filtered by sector.

This list will be kept updated so as to act as a reference point to support climate founders to keep track of relevant opportunities to apply to.

To make it easier to navigate the 120+ programs, they were mapped according to climate vertical, headquarters country, financial contribution and call status, making it possible to filter these categories.

Eutopia is Europe’s largest AI-powered climate tech database with information on over 15K climate startups in Europe. Eutopia provides insightful data such as climate impact, financials, patents, traction, general contacts, and others.

Eutopia Platform - Filter

Our vision is to build the market intelligence platform for climate innovation to support policy-makers, investors and corporations with actionable insights to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable economy.

There is a growing number of new climate technologies being developed and with that comes the necessity to fund and scale up startups working towards the goal of mitigating climate change. For this reason, Eutopia decided to map European accelerator and incubator programs to support the startup ecosystem.

Eutopia Platform - Financials

These programs provide valuable benefits for early-stage climate tech startups, whether it be mentorship, network opportunities or even funding and this list can be a significant resource to support the European climate tech ecosystem as it gathers relevant updated information for climate founders.

said Federico Cristoforoni, Co-founder and CEO of Eutopia.
Eutopia Platform - Climate impact

– Where did the idea of the climate tech database come from?

When we first got started, my co-founder and I simply wanted to help climate technologies and startups get resources to develop faster.

Federico Cristoforoni: – So, we left our banking jobs and moved to Lisbon to work full time on Eutopia. Over time and countless conversations with prospects and stakeholders, we learnt that the market was relying on fragmented, mostly technical information when talking about climate innovation: there are few actionable, quantitative insights on the status quo of circular innovations or negative emission technologies, but our whole economic system is supposed to reach net-zero within our lifetime.

Then, we started from mapping out direct air capture (DAC) projects and eventually built an automated, AI-powered platform that currently features over 15k climate startups in Europe and provides a first, more complete picture.

– The team is significant for a startup at any stage. Who is on your team? Could you tell our readers about the uniqueness of each team member?

Federico: – Andrea, my co-founder and CTO, is the heart of our product and an eternal source of energy and excitement to keep our work hard toward achieving our vision.

Carolina shares every day her passion, knowledge, and patience with us to make our customers happy and help spread the word about Eutopia, Dianka is our kick-ass data scientist with an environmental science background and out-of-the-box thinking, Gabriel is our enfant prodige who tirelessly builds our web platform and is always there to support and cheer a team member.

Our interns Sezin, Tiago, Dipendra, Ritika and Tine join us every day with the most positive attitude to learn and work on making this planet just a bit better.

The guys from Green Innovation Group guide us through the thunderstorms, while Matteo and Andrea are our safety net to brainstorm and implement ways to make our platform always better.

– How would you describe your team in one word?


– What is your plan with Eutopia for the next 6 months? What is your vision?

Federico: – We are building the market intelligence platform for climate tech. 

By integrating financial and technological trends with information on climate impact, Eutopia aims to support policy-makers, corporates and investors with actionable insights to accelerate the transition toward a more sustainable economy.

We are working on metrics to measure the CO2 reduction potential of innovative solutions and dare to dream that they will become a market standard in the market during the transition toward a more sustainable society.