Ukrainians Are Launching European Hackathon To Fight Disinformation

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The 1991 Hackathon will bring together the best Ukrainian and EU tech talent to counter problems related to modern-age disinformation.

International tech organization SocialBoost and impact tech Accelerator 1991 are launching the 1991 Hackathon: Media, a three-day event focused on identifying digital solutions to counter disinformation, analyze data for media, and develop cyber hygiene.

The event will take place on January 20th-22nd, 2023, at the Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw, Poland and online. A pre-event and a conference will precede the hackathon. The events will bring together professionals from VoxСheck, AIN.UA and other experts in media and digitalization to share the most painful issues related to disinformation. NATO is a partner of the hackathon.

With the support of international donors, tech corporations, and governments, the winning projects will be developed further and will receive professional mentorship support for one month after the hackathon. This includes access to the 1991 network of startups, investors, and experts, individual meetings and consultations, and tech support. ​​The best teams will also be able to work with leading specialists in the field and receive perks from tech partners.

On top of that, the launch of the European Ukrainian Digital Network, aimed at uniting all tech professionals and Ukrainians living in the European Union today, will be announced by the leading panel of speakers at the hackathon.

The main focus of the international hackathon is digital and technological products that can be used by the government, media, public, commercial organizations and the general public to consume, process, transmit and create information.

Denys Gursky, Head of Board and Co-Founder at SocialBoost believes that innovation can upgrade the media market and its tools, bringing the sphere to a fundamentally new level:

Our hackathon is created to help, through tech development, enhance the conscious use of media and develop critical thinking in the audience.

The event will bring together specialists from both Ukraine and abroad to mobilize as many efforts as possible. In the end, we want to witness the birth of tech solutions that will have global potential.

Denys Gursky
Ukrainians Are Launching European Hackathon To Fight Disinformation

With this project we want to actualize the problem of disinformation, cyber, media, and information security, mobilize the potential of Ukrainian and European digital professionals and activists who have certain expertise, and maintain Ukraine’s reputation as a modern tech hub.

adds Viktor Gursky, CEO and Co-Founder at SocialBoost.

Format and details

Tech-savvy Ukrainians worldwide and residents of European countries supporting Ukraine are invited to come together and join the hackathon to share their experiences, contribute to resolving global information security challenges, and cooperate with leading government, market, and civil society experts and professionals.

Participants are invited to solve challenges in the following areas:

  • Algorithms and Automation Tools
  • Real-Time News and Data Monitoring
  • User Education
  • Strategic Communications
  • Open Data and Transparency
  • Big Tech and Responsible Advertising

1991 Hackathon: Media will empower those who want to make an impact and contribute to creating innovative digital solutions. The evaluation criteria are actuality, innovativeness, commercial potential, presentation, and implementation possibilities.

Admission is free. Registration for mentors and participants is on the website until January 20, 2023. For more information, visit the website.

1991 Hackathon: Media has been made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Partners are GovTech Polska, Fundacja Moje Państwo, Google for Startups, Centre for Strategic Communication, Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrów.

Government support is provided by Diia Business.

Key information partner: Sigma Software Group.