EU-LAC Digital Accelerator Launches Call for Cross-Regional Business Partnerships in Digital Innovation

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Dive into the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator’s latest initiative, aiming to catalyze digital innovation through cross-regional partnerships between Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean

The EU-LAC Digital Accelerator has officially announced its inaugural open call, inviting European, Latin American, and Caribbean business alliances to engage in pioneering digital ventures, particularly Smart Production.

This unique initiative seeks partnerships comprising at least two entities from the specified regions, offering them a chance to leverage accelerator services worth up to €30,000 to achieve their digital objectives.

At the heart of this endeavour is the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator’s commitment to fostering cross-regional business collaborations. Through its innovative Matching Platform, the accelerator bridges digital challenges identified by corporations with groundbreaking solutions proposed by startups and SMEs based in diverse regions.

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For this first call, the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator welcomes partnerships formed via its Matching Platform and encourages external alliances to apply for acceleration services. The accelerator generously finances these tailor-made services, which are designed to align with the specific needs of each business duo or group.

The EU-LAC Digital Accelerator, backed by the European Union, is steered by TECNALIA. It encompasses contributions from leading global entities in entrepreneurship and innovation, including IESE Business School, WAYRA-Telefónica, EBN, EBAN, Expertise France, TECNALIA-Ventures, Inter-American Development Bank BID-Lab, TECNALIA-Colombia, and Caribbean Export.

The Matching Platform of the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator has already fostered connections between 55 corporates and 200 startups, forming the first eligible EU-LAC business partnerships. Having proposed digital solutions to 43 Smart Production challenges, these partnerships now stand a chance to receive comprehensive acceleration services.

Eligible business partnerships can apply to this call and gain access to services funded by the accelerator, including developing a bespoke acceleration roadmap, designing and implementing proofs-of-concept, validating business cases, and providing specialized growth and investment support.

The closing date for interested partnerships to apply for this groundbreaking opportunity is 30 April 2024.

To partake in the EU-LAC partnership acceleration services, partnerships must include at least one corporate and one innovative startup or SME from different eligible regions. They must also have a formal agreement in place. Applications can be submitted through the website’s ‘Open Call‘ section, where comprehensive application guidelines and necessary documentation are available.