Estonian startup TrustLynx Raises New Funding Round to Foster Adoption of Trust Services Internationally

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TrustLynx, the international trust services integration solutions provider, has secured over €300 000 in a recent funding round led by Startup Wise Guys accelerator fund and FundingBox.VC.

This strategic investment is poised to fuel TrustLynx’s expansion efforts in Europe, initially aimed at enhancing its presence in the Polish and Italian markets.

TrustLynx solutions empower companies to seamlessly enhance their digital channels and information management systems with digital identity methods, e-signatures, e-sealing, validation, and other trust services. Its innovative approach eliminates the need to share data with third parties, ensuring complete control over information security and data privacy for their valued customers. The integrated data processing capabilities simplify user experiences and unlock extensive potential for automating business processes.

For instance, a consortium of financial and banking service providers leverages the TrustLynx platform to bolster customer onboarding and KYC processes with various digital identity methods. This empowers their customers to utilize their preferred identity tools seamlessly, sharing only the necessary personal information. Once a customer is verified, many services, including digital signatures, internet bank payment confirmation, and the issuance of securely sealed accounts and transaction data across various business processes and channels, become readily accessible.

To enable these capabilities without compromising on high-security standards, data privacy, performance, continuity, and other essential requirements, the bank faced the challenge of extensive development and integration efforts, necessitating expert input. This also required ongoing vigilance to stay abreast of evolving trust service standards, formats, and methods.

Alternatively, the bank focused on its core competencies while harnessing TrustLynx solutions for implementing and centralized management of trust services support. TrustLynx solutions offer comprehensive support for various trust service use cases and are deployed within the bank’s controlled environment. This strategic shift has heightened the bank’s flexibility to innovate and meet compliance obligations, all while maintaining complete control over information security, user experience, and data privacy.

This funding is a significant step in our journey towards creating a more secure and trusted digital environment. It empowers us to expand our solutions and impact internationally and accelerate the growth that we have experienced so far.

commented Edgars Stafeckis, CEO of TrustLynx

The world-known adoption of trust services like digital identities and signatures in Estonia was greatly impacted when industries also introduced them in their digital businesses. Simplifying this process should accelerate digitalisation in other countries. Since the day we met TrustLynx team under leadership of Edgars and Keit, seeing their vision and execution skills made us sure they will be at the forefront of this revolution.

comments the Global CEO and General Partner at Startup Wise Guys Cristobal Alonso
Cristobal Alonso and Edgars Stafeckis
Cristobal Alonso and Edgars Stafeckis

We’ve seen the success of cloud-based platforms in the domain of digital signatures in Poland and other countries. Meanwhile, the vision of TrustLynx excites us even more, since we believe that trust services will become a standard capability in any modern business software and digital service. TrustLynx is already enabling this today, and we are excited to be part of their journey.

cites the Managing Partner of FundingBox Deep Tech Fund Tomasz Mazuryk
TrustLynx team
Tomasz Mazuryk and TrustLynx team

This funding round not only bolsters our financial standing but also reaffirms our commitment to a digital world where security and trust are paramount.

added Edgars Stafeckis

But it’s more than just financial support; it’s a vote of confidence in our vision of a digital world founded on trust, reliability, and security. This is a step forward in our relentless pursuit of a digital future where safety and trust are at the forefront.

The investment round is still open for investors interested in joining the perspective opportunity.