Estonian startup LiTech partners with University of Tartu

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LiTech, a blossoming data startup from Estonia, recently forged a noteworthy alliance with the University of Tartu to address and rectify data inconsistencies.

Last spring, LiTech, after securing its initial funding round, has made significant strides in product enhancement. Their latest venture involves providing the University of Tartu with an advanced data observability platform.

We’re thrilled to collaborate with the University of Tartu. This partnership with an academic institution of such high repute symbolizes a pivotal moment for us. It highlights that challenges in data management are not confined to just large enterprises or financial bodies. The trend of harnessing data for strategic decisions and value creation is becoming ubiquitous across diverse organizations.

shared Raiko Limmart, Co-founder and CEO of LiTech

LiTech’s state-of-the-art platform aids the University of Tartu to pinpoint and address data anomalies and inconsistencies. If overlooked, such issues can adversely affect subsequent processes. LiTech’s solution not only enforces data rules and analyzes data to identify deviations but also promptly alerts users about potential data dilemmas. Additionally, it includes a comprehensive data catalogue to overview data assets and a business glossary for defining key terms and relationships.

LiTech’s innovative solution has been instrumental in early detection of data errors, thereby enhancing our database accuracy and integrity. The platform currently serves two primary user groups within our university: the IT and the academic departments. Notably, the software operates on our university servers, with all data processing being meticulously overseen by our institution.

elaborated Sten Aus, Head of the Information Systems Department at the University of Tartu

LiTech is extending its avant-garde solution to various industries, having already collaborated with SEB Baltics in the banking sector, Telia Estonia in telecommunications, and Rimi Baltics in retail. The platform, under development since 2019, is engineered to seamlessly monitor data discrepancies and anomalies, bolster data quality, and foster collaborative synergy between business and IT departments.