Estonian climate tech 1MT Nation restoring degraded lands in Africa has closed a €1M investment round

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Interest from investors was bigger than expected, so the company chose backers with expertise in the forestry sector. 

1MT Nation (1MTN) restores degraded lands in Africa and allows companies worldwide to invest in high-quality nature-based carbon removals. 1MTN is on a mission to restore at least 1 million hectares of African land by planting polyculture native bamboo species by 2030. 1MTN is doing this in cooperation with landowners to ensure a sustainable and local natural ecosystem. 

In April this year, the first 300 hectares of bamboo were planted in Uganda. Preparatory work has begun for planting 2,000 hectares of bamboo in Uganda and 1,000 hectares in Kenya. 1MTN uses high-level technology, including satellite technology, for mapping land areas because suitable lands must not have had forest cover for at least the past 10 years. 

Bamboo is one of the most effective natural tools for mitigating climate change. It grows fast, so removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is also significantly faster.

However, opening plantations and restoring degraded lands requires large investments, so we announced our first round. Interest from potential investors was greater than we expected.

says Kristjan Raude, Co-Founder & CEO of 1MTN.
Kristjan Raude, Co-Founder & CEO of 1MTN
Kristjan Raude, Co-Founder & CEO of 1MTN

We are happy to start the partnership with strategic investors with industry-specific knowledge.

We have onboarded investors with long-term expertise in the forestry and wood industry, capital markets, sustainability, and technology.

commented Anete Garoza, Co-Founder & Chief Climate Officer of 1MTN.
Anete Garoza, Co-Founder & Chief Climate Officer of 1MTN
Anete Garoza, Co-Founder & Chief Climate Officer of 1MTN

One of the investors with long-term experience in the forest industry is Margus Kohava, Head of the Estonian Forestry and Wood Industry Association, who said:

The consequences of climate change affect everyone, regardless of geographical location, and I believe that smart and well-thought-out development of forestry and the forest industry will be the best way to help us combat climate change. 1MT Nation restores degraded lands by afforestation, and we can also offer support with know-how in this process.

According to Kohava, investment in nature cannot be put on hold even in challenging economic circumstances. In addition to a positive impact in the context of climate and wildlife, 1MTN’s activities also create a strong social influence.

1MT Nation or 1 Million Tonne Nation means that each project must remove at least one million tonnes of carbon dioxide pollution from the atmosphere. 1MTN’s business model is built on CSV and guided by ESG and SDG.

Simply put, we are a company with a strong social impact, in addition to restoring nature and supporting corporations in their efforts to reduce their footprint.

said Anete Garoza.
Anete Garoza & Kristjan Raude, co-founders of 1MTN
Anete Garoza & Kristjan Raude, co-founders of 1MTN