eQuoo launches next generation of clinically proven emotional fitness app

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Digital health company PsycApps today launched the next generation of its landmark clinically validated emotional fitness app eQuoo

Now featuring 52 levels of play to keep people motivated to learn the critical skills to improve resilience and mental health over the course of a year.

At a time when one in three adults between 18-34 are struggling with mental health issues, eQuoo is also introducing a business solution for employers to help young employees entering the workforce to build the mental and emotional skills they need to perform at their best.

eQuoo uses gaming, psychology and AI to harness the brain’s reward system to keep people motivated to learn the critical skills they need to be able to process emotional and mental stressors in a healthy way.

It is recognized as one of only two per cent of mental health prevention and early intervention apps that are evidence-based, and along with a top rating at ORCHA, eQuoo is the only game that has been accepted into the NHS App Library.

Originally introduced as a consumer application, eQuoo is now branching out to offer a business solution as well. The pivot is in response to a gap in employer-provided mental health solutions — particularly clinically proven preventative care targeted to vulnerable younger employees.

Employee and Organization Resilience

The stronger the employee, the stronger the company. There’s a new opportunity for employers to focus on preventative care — arming employees with the skills that will make them more resilient and able to cope in the face of increasing stress and pressure.

Where access to coaching like this has typically only been available in the form of c-suite retreats, eQuoo makes it possible for organizations to invest in the wellbeing of all of their talent — with a clinically validated solution proven to work. 

Silja Litvin, Psychologist, CEO and Founder behind eQuoo

Techstars Berlin 2019 Alumni Silja Litvin, CEO and founder of PsycApps, Ph.D. candidate at Ludwig Maximilian University and honorary Research Associate at UCL in London, is a clinical psychologist with years of experience providing counseling and therapy, including in the NHS NELFT mood and eating disorder division. Her specialty is in clinical psychology (depression and anxiety) as well as systemic psychology, the science of relationships.

Now she is venturing into the world of AI, gamification, and mobile mental health to find a way to be able to help people help themselves, launching her emotional fitness game eQuoo worldwide

eQuoo’s clinical validation offers an ROI for organizations that few mental health resources can demonstrate:

  • Clinical Validation: In a 5-week clinical trial, eQuoo significantly raised wellbeing metrics such as resilience, interpersonal relationship skills and personal growth whilst lowering anxiety.
  • Organization Data: Businesses with over 150 employees will also be able to gauge how employees are feeling, with anonymized data providing real-time intelligence on usage and emotional state of employees.
  • Gamified onboarding: Organizations can include eQuoo training as an orientation feature, with gamified onboarding to encourage participation.
  • Chatbot overlay: Opportunity for employers to get the pulse of employees with a pop-up questionnaire in the form of a chatbot; enabling triage help for employees and ability to respond with resources employees need.

Of course, eQuoo is first and foremost a consumer solution, and the next generation of the game offers much for the individual player.

Bringing Light into Darkness

Featuring an engaging story created by Marvel and DC Comics writer Arie Kaplan and 52 levels of play, the next generation of eQuoo builds on elements of gamification and psychotherapy to teach young adults psychological skills over the course of a year.

With this next iteration, eQuoo introduces the world of “Lore,” a compelling story engine that keeps the story going and connected. Players are engaged from day one as they are invited to create an avatar and set on a path of light for themselves and for others. While the message may seem fantastical, Litvin believes it is a fitting metaphor for the current emotional landscape.

There’s a real sense of doom and dread young people are experiencing right now — from climate change to the pandemic to the economy, there is a feeling of darkness that we show in the game.

We create a safe place to acknowledge that feeling and show people how they can bring back that light by working on themselves.

says Litvin

eQuoo’s 70% completion rate of the trial proves that a gamified approach to app design reduces attrition, and the new storyline includes 10 chapters with cliff-hangers between stages to pull people back into the game.

However, players can only unlock each level one week at a time — a failsafe that prevents player binging and ensures efficacy. Psychological change happens in between therapeutic sessions, so the week-by-week spacing gives people time to process and practice learnings.

The eQuoo app is free to download and play through level one, giving organisations a chance to get a feel for the game and make an informed decision before purchasing a subscription.

eQuoo Next Gen Updates Include

  • From 5 to 52 levels of play, with a new level opening once a week to pace the learning over the course of a year
  • Subscription agreement in lieu of in-app purchases
  • Player avatar set-up and engaging story created by Marvel and DC Comics writer Arie Kaplan
  • Fun feedback on personality based on the big five
  • Chatbot overlay for clinical and non-clinical questions
  • A dashboard with real-time representation of employee wellbeing and usage
  • Gamified onboarding that ensures employee engagement while promoting internal company values and culture

PsycApps, the Digital Mental Health company behind eQuoo, is also making a step in a much-needed direction with regards to transparency and privacy. eQuoo has no third-party support from companies such as Facebook and Google. PsycApps also leads the way with HIPAA certification and GDPR compliance so eQuoo players can rest assured that their data is safe and secure, and their well-being is front of mind.