Empowering Social Impact: tretton37’s Global Pro Bono Drive for Startup Success”

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Tretton37, a tech consultancy headquartered in Sweden, is extending a helping hand to startups seeking top-notch software development without straining their budgets. This initiative will benefit ten chosen tech enterprises by providing complimentary assistance encompassing programming, design, and strategic guidance.

After the program’s introduction in June, numerous applications have poured in from enterprises spanning various nations. Among these is an application from a Nigerian startup aiming to address the issue of youth unemployment in Africa. Numerous European firms are dedicated to tackling diverse climate-related challenges, such as facilitating emission neutrality for businesses and curbing environmental footprints through informed dietary choices. Additionally, there’s a company with an innovative proposal to bolster the count of female engineers.

Startups are often the ones driving innovation and change in society, but the economic climate makes it increasingly difficult for them to secure funding and afford competence in all necessary areas.

Knowledge can change the world, and we believe that our Startup Boost program can make a big difference for these companies.

says Deniz Yildirim, CEO of tretton37.

Startups can apply to the program until September 30th 2023, and tretton37 will select the ten companies believed to have the most significant potential to improve the world. The selection criteria include the stage of the company, the founders’ background, and the social and environmental impact the company aims to achieve.

Startup Boost is open to tech companies worldwide, and we will strive to choose startups from different geographical locations.

An important aspect of the evaluation process is the founders’ motivation and the company’s goals. Is it to increase inclusion in society, combat climate change, reduce corruption, improve access to healthcare, or something else?

The earth is a vast place and different regions have different challenges.

says Deniz Yildirim.

A tailored plan for how tretton37 can best assist each selected company will then be created. Since tretton37 operates with geographically distributed delivery teams and serves several global companies as customers, the geographical location of the startups is irrelevant.

To apply, the company must be a tech company founded after 2019 with a maximum of 49 employees. Furthermore, the company must create a positive social impact in the environment, diversity, accessibility, health, and education. For more information and to apply, visit https://www.tretton37.com/startup-boost.