East-West Night, Lisbon, Emerge tech from Russian-speaking community

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Web summit is traditionally known for its Night Summit full of networking informal activities. East-West Night is going to be one of the stars on the Night Summit sky.

The Night will be hosted on November 6. The organisers are connecting startups from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltics and all investors, VC ecosystem players (e.g. accelerators and incubators), and everyone who is fond of emerging VC and startup markets.

East-West Night Lisbon

The organizers this year:

The Untitled Ventures – a seed fund in retail, media and fashion

Magnetic Latvia Startup – a startup initiative by the Latvian government

The Night is organized in partnership with an international venture fund AD.ru

To register please send the application in the waiting list 

The organizers will come back to you with the necessary confirmation as soon as possible.