Dutch Scale-up Swapfiets, the first long-term bike rental service, arrives in Italy

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After conquering Europe, the Dutch scale-up chooses Milan to open its first Swapfiets Store and launch the innovative micro-mobility service which offers bicycles for exclusive use and a guaranteed assistance service within 48 hours included in the monthly subscription

Swapfiets, the innovative subscription micro-mobility service, born from the intuition of three young Dutch students, lands in Italy and opens its first store in via Lupetta 3 in Milan on Monday 14 September.

With its unique proposal, Swapfiets differs from all other bike rental concepts: by paying a fixed monthly fee, users have access to a bicycle for personal use and a technical repair and assistance service active 7 days a week.

In this way, the Milanese who are passionate about two wheels will be able to experience the driving pleasure that only the bicycle can give, without the thought of maintenance and with the possibility of comfortably requesting home delivery.

Swapfiets is an innovative concept that bridges the gap between owning and renting a vehicle, combining both aspects in a new subscription model.

A service that guarantees its users to have a bike that is always working and is aimed at two-wheel enthusiasts who use the bicycle often, if not daily, and love to ride carefree, without having to worry about maintenance or repairs.

Ultimately, we believe that alternative and eco-sustainable mobility solutions like ours are indispensable to make cities more liveable, which help to reduce car traffic ”.

says Richard Burger, one of the three founders of Swapfiets

The iconic blue front wheel bicycle is currently available for the Milanese market in two models: the classic Dutch bike “Original” and the “Deluxe 7”, a premium 7-speed citybike designed directly by Swapfiets at a monthly cost of 16.90 € and € 19.90.

Following this, to meet the different needs of users, the new e-bike “Power 7” will arrive in the coming weeks, an electric model proposed starting from € 74.90 per month.

Swapfiets Power 7
Swapfiets Power 7

How it works

Swapfiets reserves its users a smart and extremely flexible subscription that can be cancelled monthly and includes a complete repair service in-store, for a faster and more immediate repair even without a reservation, and guaranteed within 48 hours at home, conveniently at home and bookable via an app.

If it is not possible to fix it within 10 minutes, the bicycle will be “swapped” with a new one. Hence the name Swapfiets, a combination of the terms swap (to exchange) and fiets (bicycle in Dutch). Even in the event of theft, the subscriber will immediately receive a new replacement bike, subject to the payment of a small insurance deductible.

Over 200,000 active users

Dutch Scale-up Swapfiets was born in 2014 with the aim of making cities more livable and travel easier, more efficient and sustainable. From possession to use: through a smart subscription that also includes maintenance of the vehicle, users have their own bike that is always in working condition thanks to the technical assistance and repair services included in the fixed monthly fee.

With more than 200,000 active users in June 2020 in Europe, Swapfiets proves to be a winning model even beyond the Dutch borders. After conquering the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and France, with a view to expansion, the company now chooses Milan for its debut on the Italian market.

A unique experience, at home or in the shop

Dutch Scale-up Swapfiets offers a fast and efficient service to all new users who can personally go to the store or request it comfortably in a place indicated by them or at home.

In the store in via Lupetta, while sipping a coffee, interested people can request more information on the services available and register to receive their bicycle immediately. Before picking up and taking your Swapfiets home, it will be possible to try the different models available and customize the bike with small tricks, such as adapting the saddle to your height.