Neural DSP CEO Douglas Castro Honored as Finland’s 2022 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

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The award recognizes the Company’s Mission to Create the Next Generation of AI-Based Music Technology.

After founding and scaling two successful global technology companies, Castro is recognized for his role in founding a company that’s democratizing world-class sound for music creators.

Neural DSP, the cutting-edge Finnish company pioneering the future of music technology, today announced that its CEO, Douglas Castro, has been named the winner of the prestigious 2022 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award program for Finland.

Douglas Castro EOY award

The recognition celebrates Castro’s leadership in founding and scaling Neural DSP, which has established a new paradigm in music technology for artists and producers through breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural networking.

The annual EY Entrepreneur Of The Year competition recognizes entrepreneurs who inspire others with their vision, leadership and achievements. 51 Finnish companies participated in the 2022 competition, and winners were recognized at a gala on Friday, November 4th, at Vanha Ylioppilastalo, a ballroom and music hall in Helsinki, Finland.

Winners of the award program were chosen by an independent jury broadly representing Finnish business expertise, led by growth company investor and board professional Leena Niemistö. As the competition winner, Castro will represent Finland in the annual EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year competition in June 2023.

Winning this most prestigious entrepreneurship award is a great honour – not only for me but also for our entire Neural DSP team that’s committed to pioneering deep tech breakthroughs to create a new generation of hardware and software solutions that allow musicians, composers, and producers to explore the depths of their creativity.

While my name may be on the trophy, it’s a recognition and award that belongs to the entire Neural DSP team – and a signal that our collective hard work and dedication is resonating not just in Finland but globally.

stated Castro.

An avid bass player, Castro kicked off his career as a successful entrepreneur in 2009 by founding Darkglass, a company that creates premium handmade bass gear designed and engineered in Finland.

In 2017, Castro founded a second company – Neural DSP – which creates next-generation technology solutions for guitarists and musicians.

Warm congratulations to Douglas Castro and Neural DSP for winning the competition!

Castro has built his unique entrepreneurial story by combining his passion for music and innovative technological know-how. As a result, neural DSP has grown profitably quickly, which speaks of the entrepreneur’s strong skills.

said Leena Niemistö, president of the jury, about the award criteria.

Neural DSP is the creator of the award-winning Quad Cortex, the world’s most powerful floorboard amp modeller that equips musicians with limitless sound design possibilities. The company also has built a collection of revolutionary guitar plugins featuring a series of collaborations with renowned guitarists, including John Petrucci, Tim Henson, Cory Wong, and Rabea Massaad, amongst others.

We stand out from our competitors with our ability to create sophisticated software and state-of-the-art hardware equipment for musicians.

Our products sound the same as traditional devices, so musicians can keep their instruments’ distinctive sounds even with digitized devices.

stated Francisco Cresp, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, who is also a guitarist and music producer.

Employing over a hundred people, Neural DSP has quickly become a growth company with positive cash flow. The company’s product portfolio consists of both software and hardware products. In 2021, half of its revenue was from software sales, while the other half was from hardware.

The company plans to 5X its revenue over the next three years by 2025, and the serviceable available market (SOM) of Neural DSP’s current portfolio is estimated at $3.5 billion.

Douglas Castro Honored as Finland’s 2022 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year
Douglas Castro Honored as Finland’s 2022 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

The Neural DSP team has much to be proud of, but this is only the beginning.

With the music industry booming, there are many more tones and sonic experiences we want to create for our community.

It’s an exciting time of growth for our team – both in product development and team and talent – well-positioning us for even more success in 2023 and beyond.

added Castro.