Danish tech startup Weld raises $4.6M in a seed round to help companies unlock the full potential of their data

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Within its first year, the data platform Weld has raised a total of $4.6M in seed financing – a near record back home in Denmark.

  • Weld, founded in January 2021, has just raised $4.6M in a seed round and hired its 28th employee
  • The tech startup is opening market offices in the UK and the USA in first half of 2022
  • Weld’s vision is to be the world’s most customer-centric data company, empowering customers to unlock the full potential of their data.

The company, which was founded in 2021 by former Pleo employees Jonas Thordal, Jakob Skytte and Jakob Kristensen, has developed an all-in-one data platform that allows companies to build powerful data models and metrics with unique data templates, enabling company insights and decision making fast as well as managing and streamlining all of their data workflows.

Weld co-founders: Jonas Thordal, Jakob Skytte and Jakob Kristensen
Weld co-founders: Jonas Thordal, Jakob Skytte and Jakob Kristensen

The platform is built on top of companies’ own data warehouse and connects to hundreds of the most popular SaaS tools and databases like Postgres, MSSQL, Hubspot, Salesforce and Intercom, and data warehouses like Snowflake, BigQuery and Redshift.

The vision for Weld has always been to put our customers first and empower them to get more value out of their data and thus enable better decision making, power automation and drive real business impact.

We can see that we make a big difference for the almost 40 companies we work with, which get far more commercial value from its data than before,

says Jonas Thordal, CEO of Weld.

Planning expansion to the UK and US in 2022

The investment will be spent on expanding Weld’s product, including completely new functionality that has not been seen in an enterprise platform before. Further, the company looks beyond Denmark’s borders, where they will open offices in the United Kingdom and the United States during the first half of 2022.

Weld is headquartered in Copenhagen, however, about 40 per cent of its employees work remotely. Weld has people in Germany, Canada and England, not to mention a number of employees working remotely from Danish locations.

In order to unfold Weld’s vision, it is crucial that we have the absolute best people on board. Your skills are more important than where you live. But it’s not only about skills, it’s also about finding people that fit into our culture and align with our values as we are trying to build one of the best companies to work for.

In the past seven months, we have gone from two to 30 employees. It is with great humility that we have succeeded in attracting some of the most competent people for both development, customer management and sales. And we must continue to do so – as we expect to have over 75 employees globally in 2022.

says Jonas Thordal

Customer-centric approach

Weld has received seed funding from Frontline Ventures and Cherry Ventures alongside angels Des Traynor (co-founder of Intercom) David Clarke (former CTO at Workday), Phil Chambers (co-founder of Peakon) and Petr Janda (CTO at Pleo). Both Cherry Ventures and Frontline Ventures acknowledge Weld’s focus on delivering customer-centric solutions as one of Weld’s great strengths.

We are very impressed by Jake, Jonas, and Jakob’s clear vision and product execution. It’s rare to see such fast progress with 40+ customers on board in just a few months and we are so excited to stand behind this incredibly customer-centric team.

says Thomas Lueke, Partner at Cherry Ventures.

Weld is one of the most exciting customer-focused teams I’ve met in the past few years across Europe. It was an easy decision to lead their seed round and I’m extremely excited to see them make it so much easier for up and coming businesses to utilize their data and take on incumbents.

says Finn Murphy, Partner at Frontline Ventures.

Weld is on a mission to build the next-generation data platform that accelerates the road to trustworthy company insights, enabling better decision making