Launch CultTech Accelerator – For innovative startups at the intersection of tech and culture

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Vienna-based association supporting ambitious global initiatives aimed at exploring new, sustainable approaches to growth with culture at its heart. They make culture more accessible and financially independent.

CultTech is the application of technology to the benefit of culture and society. It has the potential to empower creators and consumers, enable massive access to culture and foster new economic models.

In the past years, we’ve witnessed the transformation of many industries: from the financial sector to healthcare, from agriculture to travel; technological innovation has changed the way we work, live and love. 

But one very important part of life has not yet seen the full power of technology come to play yet: The world of culture. 

Great examples of CultTech startups are finalists of the Immaterial Future Innovation Award 2021:

  1.   ANote Music (Luxemburg) – a marketplace for investing in music royalties. It enables publishers, record labels, and artists to list a portion of their royalty stream rights up for auction, introducing a new system of financing.
  1.   ArtMe (Brazil) – a platform (mobile app) where Artvoices (someone with a story to tell about an artwork) can share their Artcasts (each of these stories). 
  1.   Firstrow (Germany) – a VR distribution platform that enables performing arts companies and venues in the culture sector to monetize their production through digital (VR) showcasing 
  1.   FloatScans (Netherlands) – Proprietary 3D scan technology that makes it possible to bring real-world objects to life digitally. With this technology, museums and galleries may unlock their full collections independent of available space + monetize collections by developing new business models. 
  1.   Roots Studio (US, Award Winner) – Works with indigenous and minority artists globally to digitize their unique and endangered heritage arts into new fashion and home products, through a model that can financially support their livelihoods, communities, and traditions.
  1.   Scan the World (UK) – With over 18,000 objects online, it’s the largest digital museum of 3D printable cultural artefacts. It’s a community built, open source project archiving objects of cultural significance using 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies.

The CultTech Accelerator program is key to realising the vision of bringing culture as a vector of change to an immaterial future. Supporting the most promising, game-changing, and driven start-ups is an investment for which the startups have no equity cost, and where zero costs are involved for the startups, it is free.

If you want to ask a question or arrange a meeting with the organizers, please, write an email to the Head of the Accelerator or text them on LinkedIn.

The first batch starts on 20-22 April till June 2022. You can apply via the form.

If you can’t make it this time, organizers plan the second batch starting in June 2022.