Ukrainians launch a collection of NFT avatars Crypto Cossacks Club in support of Ukraine

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A story of Crypto Cossacks Club by Ukrainians

Today the whole world is talking about the war in Ukraine. But for 80 employees of WeSoftYou from Ukraine, it’s not just news, it’s a personal story. So while the Ukrainian Armed Forces are perfectly capable of dealing with Russian aggression on the real battlefield, the company decided to confront the enemy the way they know best: with Web3 initiatives.

We are pleased to present our collection of NFT  avatars — Crypto Cossacks Club. We believe, Crypto Cossacks Club — it’s the new black. In the near future, we will prevent not only NFT collection but also Crypto Cossack’s wallet, social media, and ID.

We will create the “Ukrainian Marvel” based on our unique cultural code. Our main mission is to help Ukraine and promote our rich culture in the new digital world.

WeSoftYou CEO Maksym Petruk comments.
Maksym Petruk
Maksym Petruk

About Crypto Cossacks Club collection

Cossacks have a Ukrainian origin, however, it’s not an ethnic group but rather a caste of free, fearless warriors and tech geeks. Avatars represent freedom, peace as well as both violent and nonviolent resistance against the dictatorship imposed by the Russian government.

The Crypto Cossacks Club collection is intended to contribute to building a world without war by supporting Ukraine in its resistance to Russian aggression. The collection was created by a Ukrainian digital artist and a team of software developers who were directly affected by the conflict.

Each avatar is completely unique with varying degrees of rarity. In total, the collection consists of 5,000 unique avatars. Each avatar is created from a random combination of 100 different elements. 5000 random combinations of these 100 elements will make up the entire collection. 4,950 to be exact. Another 50 avatars are planned to be drawn separately, which will be designed for famous people who support Ukraine.

Elon Mask
Elon Mask

Also, they plan an open 50 NFT avatars giveaway. A link to the giveaway entry will be provided soon. All giveaway updates will be announced on CryptoCossacks Club social media (InstagramTwitterDiscordTelegram).

The price of one avatar is 0.15 ETH, which equals ~ $500 + a Minting fee of ~ $50. Whitelist entry is already available through our discord. To get whitelisted:

1.     Enter CryptoCossacks club Discord;

2.     Agree with community roles and verify yourself;

3.     Navigate to the whitelist channel and follow the rules provided.

But it doesn’t end with the first collection. They have a lot of interesting things, such as:

●      1st offline event avatar holders (June 2022);

●      1st spin-off collection drop (August 2022);

●      2nd spin-off collection drop (November 2022);

●      CryptoCossac’s wallet and social media development (January 2023)

Every CryptoCossacks Club holder will get an equity share in future projects. 5% of the profit generated with CryptoCossacks wallet, spin-off collections, CryptoCossacks Real Estate, and other projects will be divided among all NFT holders quarterly.

Please note: to benefit, holders must own CryptoCossacks club NFT for at least a month and be active participants of the community.

The project seeks to build a strong community that unites around philanthropy and cultural development. The main goal of the Crypto Cossacks is to immortalize Ukrainian culture in the digital space and spread the news about the war in Ukraine all over the world.

Crypto Cossacks

Where will the money go?

50% of the money raised will go to Ukraine. The remaining 50% of the funding will be used to support the Cossacks community, develop the next collections, and launch innovative Web3 products.

How can users buy Crypto Cossacks Club NFT?

The official mint date is set for the 4th of May 2022. Once Crypto Cossack’s Club mint is available, the user has to connect the MetaMask crypto wallet to the Crypto Cossacks Club website and complete the purchase using Ethereum cryptocurrency. If the user doesn’t have a MetaMask wallet, he can easily download it in AppStore or extension into the browser. More info on MetaMask is here.