ChainTraced, Swedish start-up important for the transition to green steel

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Swedish ChainTraced wins EIT’s European innovation competition with their model for estimating and tracing CO2 emissions throughout the value chain for metallic products. Voestalpine the global industry group are now testing the platform in their operation.

ChainTraced is a SaaS company that offers a digital platform for industrial components to companies active in the manufacturing industry.

Through the digitalization of product- and material data, the ChainTraced platform offers industrial companies increased traceability, in turn increasing quality assurance and sustainability throughout the whole value chain. In line with the growing demand on industry players to track materials being used in production processes, ChainTraced is the natural choice for companies that want to secure their value chain.

ChainTraced was founded in 2019 by a team of professionals from the manufacturing industry, this is a result of the growing safety concerns associated with how materials currently lack long-term traceability, leading to quality not being assured.

Last fall the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) held a competition with the purpose of finding a partner for the market-leading steel group Voestalpine. The completion aimed to help them in mapping their CO2 emissions from the value chain.

Solutions from several companies in Europe were presented, and it was ChainTraced with their innovative solution for estimating and tracing emissions throughout the value chain for metallic products that triumphed. Chaintraced and Voestalpine are now partnered to test the platform in their operation.

Just like other companies in the industry, Voestalpine has realized it is of great value to gather sustainability data throughout the value chain to be sustainable long term.

Measuring and calculating CO2 emissions throughout the entire production chain create transparency, which in turn makes it possible to identify and understand where in the value chain the greatest environmental impact is.

Data makes it clear where you have succeeded with the sustainability work and where improvements are needed

says Victor Andersson, CEO at ChainTraced.

Increased traceability for electrical components through CIRCLA

In addition to the partnership with Voestalpine, ChainTraced is also part of the innovation project CIRCLA which contributes to a more sustainable industry with decreased emissions. CIRCLA is a big national initiative where ChainTraced participates in the subproject KEEP that focuses on increased traceability for electric and electronic products. Several actors from different industries, such as Telia and Clas Ohlson, have come together to help promote the transition to a more sustainable industry.

Traceability is a crucial factor to achieve a more sustainable usage of material. By tracing products and materials, it is possible to see where, how and what amount of material and products are used in the society

says Jessica Wehner, PhD at Chalmers Industriteknik and Project leader of KEEP.